Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Signed, sealed, and almost delivered…

  I’m talking about the contract for my fiancé and I’s wedding ceremony and reception venue. We just got done reviewing the contract and I will be sending it tomorrow, along with the deposit. This is the first major decision we have made about our wedding so I’m so excited!!! It felt awesome writing out that check!!! We have a little less than 2 years till our wedding and it seems like there should be a ton of things to do, but for now I can’t really think of anything else to do. I guess all we can do is keep saving money for it and find ideas for what we want for everything. I have a bunch of wedding magazines that I plan on looking through more closely and then I’m going to tear out the pages with things I like and file them in the right section of my wedding binder.

I’m going to watch a new show on ABC Family tonight. It actually premiered on Monday, but I didn’t know it was on, so I missed the first 10 minutes. I saw a preview for the show while I was watching the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night and saw a commercial for it but it didn’t say when it started. The show is called “Switched at Birth”. The title really says it all: two babies were switched in the hospital at birth. And now it’s about 16 years later (I don’t know for sure so don’t quote me on that) and they finally realize the mistake and the girls get to meet their real parents. I didn’t think that by missing 10 minutes I would be missing much, but I thought wrong. I had to change the channel and watch something else because I was so confused! Luckily they are showing it at 10:00 tonight, so I will watch it then!! I’ll be sure to write what I think about it and post that later! Have a great night everyone!!

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  1. That is super excited...Good luck on everything else:)


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