Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday

I haven’t linked up with What I’m Loving Wednesday in a while so I thought I’d link up this week. I was thinking about it yesterday at work and what I would write, so here goes…

I’m LOVING that the AC in my car got fixed on Monday…and it only cost me $100!!!! Last August, I got it fixed because it wasn’t blowing out cold air and I paid $225. Well, I just noticed that it hasn’t been blowing out cold air again, so I made an appointment to get it checked out. Here, it was just all out of freon. Which I don’t understand because this has  never happened to me before. But oh well, I don’t care. It’s fixed now and it didn’t cost me that much!!!

I’m LOVING that after tomorrow, I only have 2 more weeks of my summer class left!!! My grade is pretty good so far so let’s hope I can keep it up!!!

I’m LOVING that I start work at 11 today instead of 9 because it’s giving me time to catch up on some blogs!!

I’m LOVING that tomorrow is Thursday because it’s my only day off from work this week!!!! I’m using the extra time to clean up the place and study for my midterm tomorrow night.

What are you loving this Wednesday?? Leave me some comments! And have a great Wednesday!!!

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  1. AC is going to be a must this summer! Glad you got it fixed! And I'm glad your summer classes are going well. I'm counting down the days until mine are all done, too!

    xoxo, elizabeth
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