Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Lip Stuff Review & Giveaway (Ends 7/10)

If you’d ask me what beauty products I have the most of, I would say lip gloss!! I am a sucker for any kind of lip gloss!!! I have a big tub full of it that will probably last me the rest of my life (and then some)!! I recently received 3 lip balms from My Lip Stuff: eggnog cheesecake, huckleberry parfait, and hot cocoa. What is incredible about this company is that they have over 500 flavors of natural lip balm! One tube of lip gloss costs $2.50 but you can get a pack of 6 for only $13. That’s about $2.17 per lip gloss so you save a little bit there. You can also personalize either the labels or the flavor.
“My Lip Stuff's products are NEVER tested on animals & contain natural (from the earth) ingredients that are skin loving. Our products do NOT contain any harsh ingredients- and NEVER contain petroleum or mineral oil! We also do what we can by using recycled (and recyclable) materials whenever possible, and even using "green power" (power from renewable resources such as wind, water, or landfill gases-instead of oil). We also Drive a Hybrid, and use only fluorescent lighting (no incandescent bulbs here!).
In the end, We strive to create a natural product made from only the highest quality ingredients, with the least amount of impact on the environment and its inhabitants, for the lowest possible price. "
I use the huckleberry parfait lip gloss at work all the time! And even when I’m not working I use it. I find that having lip gloss on causes me from biting my lips, which is a bad habit I have.
I also found on their site that they have DIY kits where you can make your own lip gloss!! I definitely want to look into getting one of those sometime! They would be a great Christmas present for some of my cousins! The cheapest one they have is a mini lip balm kit for only $18.
Where can you buy My Lip Stuff?
Online Store
How can you win My Lip Stuff?
One lucky winner will receive a random 6 pack of lip balms ($13 value).

 Here’s how to win!


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