Thursday, June 23, 2011

My class is finally over!!!!

My class ended tonight and I am pleased to say that my unofficial grade is an 86%!!! I say unofficial because grades won’t be posted for a few weeks. But with my calculations, it comes out to an 86%!!!! That puts me at a B which makes me happy!!! Now I don’t know what I’m going to do on Tuesday and Thursday nights. It’s going to be so weird on Tuesday when I don’t have to leave at 4:00 to go to class. Maybe I can use that time to clean up the house a little bit, do dishes, blog…oh the possibilities are endless!!!

On my way home from class I stopped at Acmoore. I wanted to get some more supplies for my Etsy shop,  Nicole's Creations. I also bought more paint so now I have all of the basic colors. Go check out what I’ve got and leave me any suggestions on anything you’d like to see me attempt to make.

Oh, bought some stuff to make a coupon binder so I’m going to finish making that and then I will post about that tomorrow!! Have a great rest of your night everyone!!!

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  1. I'm sure you're so relieved to be finished with class!

    This coming week is the final weekend of the first summer term for me and I can't wait! Summer classes really take a lot out of you. Congrats on your good grade! :)


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