Friday, May 6, 2011

One week since the Royal Wedding…

Alright, so I was watching a little bit of the Royal Wedding (I know, that happened a week ago) and I decided I’d make a list of things I do and don’t want for my wedding that the Royal Wedding had.

I’ll start with the don’ts:

1. I don’t want an aisle that long. That seemed like it took forever for everyone to walk down it!
2. I don’t want that many guests at my wedding. Sure they could afford having all those guests, but I definitely can’t so I think 150 is the maximum that will be at my wedding.
3. I don’t want my maid of honor and bridesmaids in white like me. I’m not saying anything bad about Pippa’s dress, it was gorgeous! But I just don’t want my bridal party wearing the same color as me.
4. I don’t want my guests wearing hats to my wedding. I guess that is a British fashion thing that they wear fancy and crazy hats, but no hats allowed at my wedding.

Here are the things I do want:
1. A ton of photographers! Alright, I’m half-kidding on this one, because a  lot of photographers would be very expensive! But look on the bright side, you would have tons of pictures taken and tons of different angles so you would be sure you’d have great wedding photos!
2. The horse drawn carriage! I think that would be a way to make an exit (or entrance). And actually one of the places that me, my fiancé, and step-mom have gone to look at has a horse drawn carriage that you can arrive in and then after the ceremony your guests could take rides in it!
3. I want to wear a tiara like Kate did! It’s not going to have as many diamonds as Kate’s or cost as much, but I still want to wear a tiara. Even if the diamonds aren’t even real, I don’t care!

That’s about it. I loved the footage that I saw of the wedding. My favorite part was when Prince William first saw Kate, he said “You look so beautiful” to her. You couldn’t hear him say it but you could see his lips saying it. That was so cute!! Oh, and I also loved Kate’s dress! I loved the train the best!! I also loved their first kiss(es)! Everyone was in for a treat when ended up kissing twice instead of just once! That was the only part of the wedding that I actually did see live last week. I just had to watch it again!! Leave me comments letting me know what you thought about the Royal Wedding

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  3. Love reading other Bride to Be's wedding plan blogs! I agree that I don't want an aisle as long as Westminster Abbey. I'd want to sprint down it to get to my fiance!

    Happy wedding planning!

    xoxo, elizabeth
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  4. Doesn't every girl want to wear a Tiara? I got a pretty one on ebay last year for my 40th bday! Thanks for stopping by the sit & relax weekend hop and for posting the button!! Have a great weekend!

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  6. How fun! It's been 17 yrs since I planned my wedding. Always such wonderful memories :)

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