Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tonight 5 becomes 4…

It’s time for yet another results show. I think this will be the first week of the season that they didn’t have an Idol alum sing on the results show. They couldn’t have run out of Idol alum because there are 9 seasons worth to choose from.

A first on Idol, the contestants went to Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey and got to see what it’s like to be on that show. Lauren and Jacob made the best omelet. And Scotty’s was the worst, Gordon spit it out! There’s going to be more of them in Hell’s Kitchen later in the show so that should be interesting.

I think I know what Ryan is going to do with the groups tonight!!! He has James on one side and Lauren on the other. He is going to make two groups of two and then tell the last person they are safe. Then he is going to have that last person go to the group of two people that they think is safe. I remember one season they did this and the person that they told to go choose the group just sat down in the middle of the stage. They didn’t want to have to choose who they thought was the bottom 2 group. I can’t remember who that was so let me know if anyone knows it! We’ll have to see if that’s the way they do things tonight or if they will mix things up.

Now Jacob and Lauren get to do a blind taste test with Gordon. And Lauren won! Jacob thought that the hot dog was sausage, and said that a hot dog is a type of sausage. No it isn’t, Jacob!

Next Jennifer Lozez sang her new song “On the Floor”. I think the song is pretty good. My favorite part is when she says “Afrika!” The breakaway glass was awesome! I wonder how they did that cause it couldn’t have been real because that would have been dangerous. I thought it was funny that Randy, Steven, and Tyler were in the audience with a bowl of popcorn. And before Jennifer started singing, Steven and Randy were throwing popcorn at the TV and it was hitting the people in front of them. And then after she was done singing, one of them dumped the whole bucket of popcorn.

Back to the results…Jacob joined Lauren. Haley is next and she goes and stands beside James. So what I said was going to happen, just might happen. Scotty is…safe!! And so is James and Haley!! So that means that it is down to Jacob and Lauren. Jacob is definitely leaving because there is no way Lauren is leaving!! This better not be another repeat week of when Pia left!

The person leaving is…Jacob!!!! Now Haley will hopefully be leaving next week! Well, that’s all for now. What did you think of the results? Leave me comments!


  1. I would love to be on Hell's Kitchen, but I don't think Gordon Ramsay would be too thrilled about my appearance LOL! He's honest though you've gotta give him that ;) I would love to see David and Victoria Beckham on the show as they are all such close friends I wonder if he could bring himself to shout and swear at them! Apparently she is supposed to be a good cook, so it would be interesting ;) American Idol used to be a must watch for me but sadly it seems to be missing something now. I don't understand how many of the obviously talented singers over the last few seasons are getting voted out leaving crap behind (hello Sanjaya LOL!).

  2. WHY do you, every, week, put, Haley, in, your, bottom, 2, or, eliminated, why, do, you, do, this, to, me. Love, Ed

  3. I believe it was Melinda Dolittle AND David Archuleta that refused to pick sides during their seasons. It might've happened in season 8 too, but I'm not positive. 99.99% sure it happened with Melinda and David A though :)


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