Monday, May 9, 2011

What a crazy weekend that was…

Well, where do I begin. It seems like forever ago since I’ve blogged. My last final was on Friday, then I came home, unloaded all my stuff I had in my dorm room and I had to go to work an hour later. The place looked like a tornado went through it! And we had to fix that quick because on Saturday my mom came and spent the night and we had dinner with me, my fiancé, my mom, my dad, and my step-mom.

Then it was a crazy day at work yesterday, Sunday. There’s a truck convoy that Make-a-Wish does every year on Mother’s Day. It just so happens that the truck convoy goes right past where I work. We were all prepared for it to be busy right before it started and then slow once the trucks started going past us. Well…right before it started, one of our printers broke and when one is broken, none of the others work. So the tickets weren’t printing out (I work at fast food, by the way), and when we scanned for our orders (scanning is what it is called when we go to take orders out), the ticket didn’t print out that tells us what tray to take out. We got all backed up and customer’s got really mad. I feel bad for all the mother’s that were there for Mother’s Day and just want to apologize (even though it wasn’t mine or any other person’s fault, it was a technical issue) if I ruined any mother’s day.

So then I got home from work and after dinner my fiancé and I went to Walmart to go grocery shopping and to get some things to put stuff on so it wasn’t piled on the table or on the floor.

This is what the floor behind the couch looked like. I had a pile of stuff just laying there, it was a mess!


This is right outside the bathroom. I wanted to get something to put here where I could put things on.


This is right beside the desk where we had a little table that we had the printer on. My fiancé wanted to get something bigger for this space.


So those are the before pictures, and here is what it looked like after we went to Walmart:


A closer view


This is now what the floor looks like behind the couch. We got a 4 shelf bookcase but only made it into a 3 shelf one because it was too high with 4. We were going to put that right beside the bathroom but it ended up being too big for there. Instead, this is what we put in front of the bathroom:


This was the little table right beside the desk that had the printer on it. We didn’t know what else we were going to do with it, so my fiancé thought it would be perfect there.

Then this is what we got to put beside the desk.


Right now it’s kind of empty, but I’m sure we’ll eventually fill it up. I want to go to the dollar store sometime to get some collapsible cloth containers to put in a few of the holes.

I also had another project I wanted to tackle: the food pantry!

Here is what it looked like before:

100_1937 100_1938

And after:

100_1939 100_1940

I just love containers! They can be used for pretty much anything!!! It will just be so much easier to find everything since everything is sorted now.

My next project is my closet. I have an insanely large amount of clothing that I have to go through and get rid of because I can’t fit the clothes I had down at college into my closet!! This project might take me a lot longer than the other one did, but who knows. Thanks for reading! Leave me comments!!



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