Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One more week till Nationals…

I just got home…7:58, just in time to watch Glee!! Tonight was my first day of class which is supposed to be from 5-8:30, but we got out around 7:30. That works for me! Now I can watch Glee live!!! It’s the second to last episode of the season!!!

Jesse as the consultant for New Directions? I don’t see why they need a consultant, especially a student consultant, but okay. I mean, I guess Jesse does know what he is talking about.

Sue is trying to mess up the glee club’s flight, that is horrible. What’s even worse is that Sue kicked Becky off the Cherioes so now Becky wants to join the glee club. Mr. Shue tells her that she can’t join anymore this year because they are so close to nationals but that she can join next year. Wow…Sue’s sister, who has Down’s syndrome,  died yesterday. So that’s why Sue kicked Becky off the Cherioes. Becky reminds her so much of her sister so I guess she just couldn’t stand seeing her. That’s still horrible what she did.

Awww….Mr. Shue remembered the shirt he was wearing when he first met Emma!! I’m still hoping they’ll get together!

Now they are auditioning for who will be the lead singer for nationals. I hope it’s someone other than Rachel. She sings the lead in almost all of the songs they do. It’s time for someone else to have a chance at singing the lead.

I liked what Kurt and Finn did for Sue’s sister’s funeral. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was her favorite movie so they put up some decorations around the casket. It’s very different seeing a soft side of Sue. It just goes to show that everyone has a soft side to themselves, even if it is buried deep inside of them. I think all of the Glee club members were shocked to see that side of Sue.

Then the glee club sang “Pure Imagination” while they showed a slideshow with pictures and videos of Sue and her sister. I thought the song was great! I’m definitely downloading it!!

Sue had a change of heart!! She let Becky back on the Cherioes and is making her captain!! Well, she didn’t have a change of heart when it comes to the glee club. She still managed to mess up the flight to New York. But then Terri somehow managed to fix it, so that’s good! The New Directions are going to New York after all!!

Mr. Shue decides they will be going back to what they did before and do original songs with the whole group singing. That should be good!!

Well, that’s all for Glee tonight. Next week is the season finale and it looks awesome!! Leave me comments!

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  1. A girl after my own heart. I'm a gleek too! Need I say more? Hope you can pop on over to my blog also, although you won't find any Glee trivia there...you might find something to entertain you. Have a great one.

    Sandy~ Cherished Handmade Treasures


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