Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 1 of my summer class

Alright, so today was the first day of my summer class that I am retaking. Before I left, I just really didn’t want to go. I was still kind of mad at myself because I was so close to passing the class! I’m just so mad that I have to take the class again!!! But oh well, I just have to move on from that. I have to retake it and there’s no changing that. Another thing I’m mad about now is that I have to buy the book again. It was a book that the professor had printed with all of the powerpoint slides in it with places for us to take notes. I thought that since I had the one from last semester that I wouldn’t need to buy it again. Well, I thought wrong. I’m just gonna have to fork over the $40 for the book.
So after my first class, I’m feeling a little better about having to take the class. I mean, it’s only 6 weeks long so it will be done on June 23rd. That still gives me a little less than 2 months of my summer to enjoy.But also, it's not like I can't enjoy the next 6 weeks as well. The class is only twice a week. And it's only one class so it's not like I have 5 other classes to focus on like I did last semester. The class is kind of tough though. But I think taking it this time will be a lot easier because like I said, it's the only class I'm taking right now. Well, that's all I have for now. Leave me comments! Have a great night everyone!!!


  1. Good luck on your class...It always stinks retaking classes again!

  2. I totally look up to you with taking summer classes! I wish I could get my butt back into things. Go girl :)



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