Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Country Showdown

Alright, it’s all come down to this!!! Lauren or Scotty, who’s it gonna be???

Their first round they are picking one of their favorite songs. Scotty is up first because he won the coin toss and decided to sing first. He chose to sing “Gone”. No judges comments?? That’s kind of weird. Ryan goes right to the numbers without going to the judges.

Lauren chose “Flat on the Floor” as her pick for her favorite song. It sounded amazing, just like it did the first time she sang it!!

I’m surprised that Scotty’s Idol is George Strait and not Josh Turner. He chose “Check Yes or No” for Scotty to sing. I really liked it!

I’m not surprised with Lauren’s Idol: Carrie Underwood. Carrie chose “Maybe It Was Memphis”. I never heard this song before but she did a great job with it! Her dress is so cute!! I’d probably change the color (to purple) but I love it!!

Now Ryan goes to the judges. I guess they are just trying to save time because they had to fit 6 songs into an hour. Last week when they did 6 songs, they did it in an hour and a half. Randy states the obvious and says “They’re in it to win it!!” Well of course they’re in it to win it, Randy, or else they wouldn’t be up there!!

Taio Cruz sang that perfect harmony song that people voted for online. I didn’t vote on it though. I have no idea what that whole thing was about. All I know is that I thought the chorus was really annoying. This is about the time that I turned on the TV and it was at the part of the song where he kept repeating “positive”. I was like, seriously? How many times does he have to say it??

Idol tour tickets…I gotta get…oh wait, I already did, Ryan!! 10th row!!!! I can’t wait!!!

Back to the singing now…for the final round they are singing the song that will be the winner’s debut single. Scotty's song is called “I Love You This Big”. The song is alright, not that big of a fan of it though.

Lauren’s song that would be her debut single if she sings is “Like My Mother Does”. If I’m thinking correctly, this is a Kristy Lee Cook song. Yup, it’s the same song. So I wanna know why Scotty gets a brand new song but Lauren doesn’t. That’s not really fair if you ask me. But, I guess Idol isn’t about fairness. I really hope Lauren wins!!! I really love that song and hope that she wins so that song can be released!!! I still think it’s awesome that Steven Tyler predicted Lauren would win and now she so close to winning!!!

Well, that’s all for my thoughts. I think it’s going to be Lauren!! Who do you think it will be? Leave me your comments.

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