Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It all comes down to this!!!

The Idol finale starts in 40 minutes!!! Right now I’m watching some red carpet footage online at It’s really cool because there are 3 different cameras you can choose from to watch. You can even click and drag on the screen to look around a bit. I’m watching the one right in front of Didi Benami and Brandon Rogers (2 past Idol contestants for those who don’t know) who are interviewing people on the red carpet. It makes me wanna be there soooooo bad!!! I’ve been entering to win tickets to the finale for 9 years now (since season 2)!!!!! Maybe next year will be my year to win!

One hilarious part from the red carpet footage that I saw was when Lauren and Scotty showed up and Didi and Brandon were interviewing them for a little bit. Then all of a sudden, they got pulled away! There’s about half an hour till the finale starts now!!

So I think one of my favorite Idol finale tweets of the night comes from Casey Abrams. He tweeted: “@CAbramsAI10: Yo, watch Idol tonight. Someone gonna win, people gonna sing, stuff gonna happen.” I couldn’t have said it better myself!!

It is 8:00…time for the start of the Idol finale!!! We set a record last night with more than 122 million votes last night!!! That is crazy!!!

First up, we get a group song from the top 13. They sing “Born This Way'” by Lady Gaga!! What a great song!!! I love it!!! It’s a little preview of what we’ll see on the Idols Live Tour! We just won’t see 3 of the people though, because only the top 10 go on tour. I loved at the end of the song where Lauren and Scotty kept pushing each other out of the way to be in the very front of the group. It’s great to see that the Idol contestants kind of form a little family and get along so well!

Now they are going to show us some clips of the judges. They start with Randy, the only judge left that has been with Idol from day 1!!! One of Randy’s popular phrases of the season is “What is going on with this show?” Oh, and another big one was “_____ is in it to win it!!” Randy is crazy!!! He better not ever leave the show!

Ha…Ryan said he promises that he’ll get the results in before “your DVR’s stop this year”. I remember last year people were complaining because Idol went over 10:00 so anyone who DVRed Idol missed the very end of it.

The girls of the top 13 sang a medley of songs together. They started out by singing a few Beyonce songs and then, just as I thought, Beyonce came out on the stage. Her dancing is amazing!! I could never get my booty to move like that if I tried! So far that performance was my favorite of the night!!!

Steven Tyler…I wonder whose idea it was to have him on Idol. They got the most perfect person for Idol though. Now that he’s been on for a whole season, I can’t really imagine the show without him. He says the most random stuff!!!

It’s Jennifer’s turn…I love her! At first I didn’t know how it was going to be with her on the show. But right away I knew she was perfect for Idol. She’s been in the business herself so of course she knows what she is talking about. And her personality is wonderful!! Haha, they showed the moment when Casey kissed her on the cheek. That was great!!

TLC!!! Woah!!! I remember them from the 90s. I hope they sing “Waterfall”!!! First they sing “No Scrubs”, that was a good song, too!!! And now they are doing “Waterfall”. I bet most people who are younger than me wouldn’t know that TLC is actually missing a member. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes died in a car accident in 2002. And now I know why their band was named TLC: Tionne, Lisa, and Crystal. That makes sense!!

Now Tim McGraw and Scotty are singing “Live Like You Were Dying”. This is a great song and it sounded great being sung by Scotty and Tim!!!!

A surprise is coming up next…I wonder what that could be.

Haha…the guy that had a great radio voice!! He’s showing us the bad moments from Idol this season.

I’m guessing the surprise was Jennifer Lopez dancing

Now Casey and James arguing over who’s elimination was the most shocking. I agree with James, I think his elimination was the most shocking. That was great when Pia came in with a “Most Shocking” sash on. She said “What are you guys talking about?” And they go “Nothing”. Then she’s like “That’s what I thought”.

The music video that Lauren and Scotty sang in was to Carrie Underwood’s song “Whenever You Remember”, another good song!!! They showed clips from past Ford music videos.

Wow!!! Lauren and Scotty got the keys to the Ford vehicle of their choice!! If I were one of them, I would choose the most expensive car that Ford sells!!

Of course, what would the Idol finale be like without Lady Gaga. What the heck is she wearing on her head though? There we go, she took it off, much better!

Lauren is singing “Before He Cheats”. I bet Carrie Underwood is going to come out and sing it with her!!!!! And she did!!! Carrie is one of my favorite Idol contestants ever!!! And she is so nice in person! I met her when I saw her in the American Idols Live tour back in 2005. It was right after the concert and I was waiting by the busses to see if any Idols would come out. The security guards were being mean and said we had to leave soon but there were a bunch that decided to stay, including me. And at that point my mom said we were gonna leave soon. Well, 10 minutes later is when this picture was taken:

Alright, so I can’t find the picture. I have it on photobucket but the link to it isn’t working. It was a great picture though! And she was so nice!! She was like “Where am I looking?” cause she wanted to make sure she was looking at the right camera!!

Alright, it is 9:55 and Steven Tyler is singing??? They need to get to the results as soon as he is done!! One thing they didn’t show this season was that they didn’t go to their hometown and talk to people they know. I know Mikalah Gordon (from season 4) is at Lauren’s hometown so I would have loved to see her tonight!

I just remembered something, my step-mom pointed out to me that Idol is on until 10:07, so that’s why we haven’t seen the results yet.

Alright….the winner of American Idol season 10 is…Scotty McCreery!!!! I loved during his song when he went out in the audience and hugged his family members. Well, Jack Black was going to be the next person Scotty would have hugged cause he was just standing there, but then Scotty just walked away and Jack put his hands out like “Hey, where’s my hug?”

Well, season 10 of Idol has come to an end. I’m okay with Scotty winning even though I wanted Lauren to win because I know she is still going to have a CD out, probably within a few weeks of Scotty putting out his.

So what did you think? Happy with the results? Leave me comments! Have a great night everyone!!

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