Thursday, May 19, 2011

And the final 2 contestants are…

So tonight was my 2nd day of class. We got out at 7:45 tonight, so I didn’t make it home in time for the beginning of Idol. And yet again, I messed up the taping of Idol and I forgot to turn off the VCR so it didn’t record. Oh well, I only missed the first 15 minutes. When I turned on the TV, they were showing Haley’s hometown visit. I didn’t miss Lauren or Scotty’s, so that’s all that matters!

After some group I’ve never heard of performed, it was time for Scotty to go home. That has to be the greatest feeling in the world going back to your hometown and actually seeing all of the support that you’re getting from everyone. Josh Turner surprised Scotty by coming out on stage with him as he was singing Josh’s song “Your Man”, the song he sang at his audition. Scotty was so surprised and I bet he loved that moment!!

Next up was Nicole Scherzinger performing. What does she have to do with Idol? I just don’t understand why Idol has all these random people on the show to perform. I guess they just use it as filler time, but they could at least get more past Idol contestants or something.

Up next we saw Lauren’s hometown visit! She is so cute and her personality reminds me of Kellie Pickler and Carrie Underwood. It was heartbreaking when she saw all the damage that has been caused by the storms. And the little kid she met that saved his family…so cute!! He pulled his brother out from some bricks!

The first person in the finale is….ugh, Ryan made us wait till after the commercial break!! I hate when he does that.

Alright, time for the results for real now…the first person in the finale is Scotty!!!!

And the second person in the finale is…Lauren!!!!! Yay!!! I am soooooo happy!!! I knew that Lauren would be in the finale. And I always thought it would be James or Scotty along side her. I just still can’t believe how far Haley has made it!! I thought she was going to be gone weeks ago!!

Well, that’s all I have for the results, I’m gonna go celebrate now!! Lol…not really, I’m not going anywhere. But I might do a happy dance!! Leave me comments!!


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