Saturday, May 21, 2011

10 Reasons I hope the world doesn’t end today

I saw this post in my Google Reader as I was going through blog posts from the blogs I follow, and I figured I’d do my own post like that one. I’m not one of those crazy people that actually think the world is going to end, but just for the heck of it I want to make a list of 10 reasons of why I hope the world doesn’t end today.

1. My wedding is in 2 years!!

2. The American Idol finale is next week!

3. I’m going to see the Backstreet Boys this summer!!!

4. I’m going to see the American Idols Live tour this summer and am sitting 10 rows away from the stage!!!

5. Breaking Dawn part 1 comes out this fall!!

6. The Glee season finale is next week!!!

7. I have to catch up on this past season of Bones!!

8. I didn’t have kids yet!

9. I wouldn’t get to blog anymore!!

10. The 3 years I’ve spent in college would be for nothing!!!


Again, I don’t really think the world is going to end, but those are just some of the things I would miss if it did. Of course I would also miss my friends and family as well!! Have a great weekend everyone and leave me comments! :)

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  1. Hi Nicole,

    Love your name and blog. I see you are in school to become a teacher. Pretty cool, I have been teaching for 25 years at the middle and high school levels. You might be interested in checking out my soon to be published children's trilingual book. Hope you follow back.

    Nicole Weaver

  2. Your posts make me giggle.


  3. Those are some good reasons for the world not to end soon!

  4. Haha you crack me up!

    Hope that the world doesn't end either!

  5. New Google follower from the hop! Stop by and see me t

  6. lol too cute

    Hi there!!! Im your newest follower I found you through super mega 7 blog hop ..I hope you can come by and return the follow and visit,I also have some great giveaways with low entries going on check them out and dont be shy to enter!

  7. great reasons for the world not to end!
    hope you get to do/see it all!

    met you thru friends online monday =)


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