Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Would You Rather Wednesday- 4/6/11


Would you rather be blind or deaf?

This is a really tough one. I could go either way with this. If I were blind, then I wouldn’t be able to see all the amazing things in the world. I would never see my fiancé or any family members or friends again. On the other hand, if I were deaf, I would never hear music again. I also would never hear the voices of my fiancé, family, and friends.

I think if I really had to choose, I would rather be deaf. I just feel that I would be able to function better if I had my vision. This isn’t to say that anyone who is blind can’t function properly, because with the right support they can live a normal life. But I would rather be deaf and be able to see because then I would be able to do things mostly on my own. Yes I would miss the sounds of the world and I would have to learn sign language, but for the most part, I would want to do things on my own.

This is a really tricky question, because I could argue both sides of it. If I were blind but could hear, I would still be able to enjoy the music that I love. I’d be able to tell my fiancé and family that I love them and I could hear them say they love me.

So what do you think? Leave me comments and vote on the poll located on the top right of my blog. Pass this on to your friends and find out what they think.

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  1. I am a new follower from one of the Wednesday Blog Hops!

    I would rather be deaf because as much as I love music, I can't imagine how scary it would be to not see anything - someone would always have to be with you to help you do everyday things like cook and clean. At least when you are deaf it seems like you can live more independently and learn sign lanuage.

  2. I have an uncle who is blind. He does well, but I think of all the beautiful things he has missed seeing, such as his wife, children and grandchildren. Communication is easy. So I would chose to be deaf. I would miss music and the sound of laughter, but if I can see, then I would already hear it.

    Thank you for participating in the Get Wired Blog Hop and for posting the button. I am following you. Have a great day!


  3. Very cool blog!

    I just found your blog through one of the Wednesday blog hops. Have a great week!!

    Amanda @

  4. I would rather be neither.....LOL.No I would rather be deaf...I think it's alot easier to be able to see and not hear than hear and not see. Great question! Got us arguing here...daughter said she'd rather be blind.


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