Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rock and roll week on Idol

Get ready for the top 9 singing rock and roll songs!!
Now I kinda want to go visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame someday. It looks pretty interesting. That was hilarious when Steven Tyler stood beside his wax figure and mimicked it and then kissed it. Oh Steven, he is a character.
Jacob kicked off the night with Michael Jackson’s song “Man in the Mirror”. I think that is a great song choice for him, just thinking about the song and his voice. I think Jacob has great stage presence, he definitely has a place up there on the stage. I thought the vocals sounded great! I don’t think he has to worry about being in the bottom 3.
Haley sang next singing “Piece of My Heart”. Right off the bat I didn’t like it. I didn’t like how she screamed “Come on, come on, come on” in the beginning of the song and then went into it. And then I just thought other parts of the songs sounded like she was screaming and not singing. It wasn’t my favorite from her, I’ve liked her better in past weeks. And apparently I’m listening to something different than the judges, because they all loved it. And Steven said he couldn’t find anything wrong with it and that she nailed it. I didn’t hear that, but oh well.
Casey is next up. He is really growing on me. Each week I think I like him a little better than the week before. He did a great job tonight!
Next was Lauren singing “Natural Woman”. I right away thought of when Kelly Clarkson sang this and I can’t help it, but I’m going to be comparing it to that version. I was expecting more from Lauren. I thought she just did okay. I liked it, so it’s not that I didn’t like it at all, I just thought she was gonna put more into it.
James slowed things down with a song I’ve never heard of. But I really loved it! We’ve never seen that side of James before and I thought it was great! I like the rocking side a little better, but his soft side is great as well!
Next we heard from Scotty singing an Elvis song. This is probably the farthest from country that Scotty has sounded. But I think he did a great job with it!!! I think he can take any song in any genre and make it his own!
Pia was next. I thought she was really good, one of the best tonight! She will definitely be safe!!! That last note was amazing!!!
Next up was Stefano singing “When a Man Loves a Woman”. Before he even sings, I predict that he’s going to be great singing the song. Wow, that was really good. He had me swaying back and forth the whole time! I think he’ll be safe this week!!
Paul wrapped up the night singing Johnny Cash. I think that suits his style and I think he’ll be great!! And he was…I thought it sounded really good!!!
This is going to be really hard to pick the person who I think is leaving. None of them deserve to go home!!! But after seeing the recap, I’m going to say that the bottom 3 will be Haley, Lauren, and Jacob. I know, none of them deserve to be in the bottom. But 3 of them have to be, so that is my 3. Then I’m going to say that Haley will leave. I am just so shocked this season at how talented all of the contestants are!!! It isn’t my favorite top 13 group, but it’s a great group! Leave me comments and let me know who you think is leaving.

*I'm changing who I think is leaving...I think it will be Jacob leaving, not Haley.


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