Friday, April 29, 2011

I’ve been inspired…

I was looking at Jen’s blog at IHeart Organizing and I got inspired to do some organizing of myself. The semester will be over soon so then I will be living with my fiancé full-time. Right now, I’ll be honest, the place is somewhat of a mess! I just need to find simple and easy ways that we can keep the place organized. The first place I decided on was the freezer and fridge. Our freezer is very tiny so I needed to do something!!! I was reading on Jen’s blog about containers and how they are great for everything.

So here is a picture of my freezer before I organized it.


 100_1896 100_1897

You can see that everything is just thrown in there and you have to take a lot of things out just to find what you’re looking for.

Now here are the pictures of the freezer after I organized it.


100_1899 100_1900

I got two totes that came with lids (I didn’t use the lids so I just kept them for future use). I put the meat in the one on the right and the other one has garlic bread, tater tots, and a thing of frozen tomato sauce. The on the very left are two ice cube trays, the bread on top of that and then a container of frozen cookie dough that I bought from my cousin.

I love how the freezer looks now because it will be easier to find things!! Here is a side-by-side view of the before and after.

 100_1895 100_1898

I also organized my fridge a little bit. I forgot to take pictures of it before, but here are the pictures of the fridge after I organized it.

 100_1901 100_1902

Trust me, my fridge looks a lot better now than it did before. I will definitely be able to find things a lot easier.

Up next, I think I want to look into getting something to put all the stuff on our kitchen table.
Wouldn’t you say that this mess needs fixed desperately??


Thanks for reading!!! Leave me comments and any ideas you have for me!  Have a great Saturday!!!

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  2. I know I feel a lot better when I get organized. Now go work on that table! (ha ha) Following you on Networked Blogs.

    All my best,


  3. How about getting a small filing cabinet, or a small desk with drawers. You can also be creative by getting a small table at a second hand store and getting some of those desk trays to put on top...just some ideas.....

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  8. Great great great job on the freezer and thanks so much for the sweet shout out! So grateful to have you as a reader!


  9. Ill have to check out that blog! Looks good! I can relate, I posted some pics of my coat closet shelf before and after organization in a previous post on my blog. You kitchen table looks like my coffee table lol, complete with the netflix disc!

  10. Looking Good!!!

    Good luck with other projects

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  12. Hey! I randomly stumbled here from Planet Weidknecht. And glad I did!!


    That`s as far as I've gone in my own kitchen. Baskets and randomly mod-podged coffee jars (I have an abundance of them!) to hold smaller things.

    If you've thought of something else.. let me know. Randomly laying around baskets isnt cutting it out anymore! hahaha


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