Sunday, April 10, 2011

4 weeks left!!!

So I can’t believe it, but there are 3 more weeks of classes and finals week and then the semester is over!!!! This has been a pretty easy semester seeing as how I have 6 classes instead of 5. But two of them are really easy (music and instructional technology) so both of those classes just seem like one. Then I have 3 more easy classes that involve a little more work than the two easy ones, and then comes the class that I’m just hoping to get a C in. I know I told myself that I can’t get anymore C’s because I gotta keep my GPA up, but this class is so tough that all I’m hoping for is a C. That’s the grade I need in order to pass and I need to pass the class so that I can take block in the fall (Click here to read my post where I explained what block is). But, if worse comes to worse and I fail, I can retake the class in the summer. Sure I’ll have to pay about $800 for the class, but I will work my butt off so I’d be able to pass. Because if I wouldn’t take it in the summer, I wouldn’t be able to take block in the fall. But I’m gonna stop looking at the negative and just think positively about this. I will get at least a C, I will get at least a C, I will get…. That’s what I gotta keep saying to myself everyday!! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow 6 classes? I had 3 tough ones last term and they stressed me out more than the 4 I took prior to that. Good luck to you! I'm sure you'll do well! :)

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  3. alright, I'll check it out then!! Thanks for following!!


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