Thursday, April 7, 2011

Registration time again...

So, it's that time of the semester again...registration. I'm going into my senior year so I thought that it would be a breeze when I went to register. Well, I was wrong. When I've registered in the past, it never failed that I had a class fill up before I got to register. This time, a class got canceled because of the Governor's budget cuts. Now there will only be one section of the class instead of two. And the one that got canceled was the one that I needed. I need to take a night class in the fall so I can't take the other one, which is during the day. Luckily I found out that they will be offering 2 sections of the class in the spring, so I'm hoping one of them will be a night class.

So, I just registered for my first professional block. For those not familiar with block, it is what education majors have to take before student teaching. Since I am a special education/elementary education dual major, there are 2 semesters of block that I must take before student teaching. I just can't believe that I'm so close to my senior year!!! Three semesters left and then I'll be graduating!!!! Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

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