Thursday, March 17, 2011

The year they were born…

It’s another week of Idol, we are down to 12. I really like what Idol is doing by giving the proceeds of the song sales on iTunes to the people of Japan. Hopefully I will like a few of the songs so I can buy some. I suggest everyone else does the same. Buy at least one, it's for a good cause.

When Naima said her song choice, “What’s Love Got to Do With It”, I immediately thought that it would be a good choice for her.  And it was! I thought she sounded great!!

I’m still not a fan of Paul. I don’t think I ever will be. But he isn’t horrible, he’s a good singer. It’s just not my style of music. I can say though, that he is like no other contestant we have had on Idol before. We’ve never had a guy that is so much like Rod Stewart. I guess it’s just that no contestant has ever sung in the style of music that he does.

I disagree with Randy, I thought Thia sounded amazing singing “Colors of the Wind”. That was a great song choice for her. I think the contestants are starting to figure out how to pick better songs because I don’t think the judges have said recently that any contestants were choosing the wrong songs., that was hilarious when the vocal coach (or whoever that guy was that was talking to the contestants) told James to not be kissing anyone. And then James put his hand up and pointed to his ring. Good boy, haha. I had never heard that Bon Jovi song but I really liked it. I think James is gonna be here for a while.

I don’t like Haley that much. It just seems like she’s trying too hard and she picks big songs. She doesn’t have a bad voice, but I feel that she tries to force it at times. Haha, Ryan was doing make-up. I’m surprised they didn’t just get a make-up artist out there to help her out. I’m sure they would know more about make-up than Ryan.

Stefano sounded really good singing “If You Don’t Know Me By Now”. Not much to say about him, it was good.

I loved Pia! She changed the arrangement of the song up a little bit and it sounded really good.

Scotty does a great Elvis impersonation. Too bad he couldn’t sing an Elvis song. But the Travis Tritt song “Can I Trust You With My Heart” suited him just as well. He’s another contestant that I think will be around for a while.

I thought that Karen looked a lot like Jennifer last night. I agree with Randy. I wasn’t jumping up and down for it, but I thought she did a good job.

Well, for some reason my VHS tape ran out of room right before Casey started singing, so I had to find his performance and the remaining two songs.

Casey was just alright. I was kind of disappointed. I didn’t like the screechy parts of it. I didn’t even understand what he was saying in the last part of the song. I like Casey, but I just didn’t like that performance at all.

I really loved Lauren’s performance of “I’m the Only One”. It reminded me of Kellie Pickler because she sang that song when she was on Idol. I really think we are going to see Lauren in the finale. If not the finale, she’ll at least be in the top 4.

I thought that the beginning of Jacob’s song was good but then it got a little rough towards the end. There’s no doubt though that he will be safe.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for the performances. Now my prediction who will be in the bottom 3 is: Casey, Haley, and Karen. And I think that Haley will go home. It’s still kind of hard for me to decide that each week, because we have a lot of good contestants this year. The ones that I don’t like, I know others like, so it’s just so hard to say who is going home. Leave me comments!


  1. I am probably the only person in America that has never watched American Idol. I feel like I missed the boat sometimes when everyone it talking about the previous night's performances so I'll live vicariously through you!!

    Following back!!

  2. Thanks!!!! And I bet you aren't the only person that has never watched the show!


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