Thursday, March 17, 2011

Say hello to your top 11

I loved the group song!!!! “Born This Way” is one of my favorite songs right now and it was awesome how they mashed it up with “Born to Be Wild”.

Now “American Idol” is turning into The Oprah Winfrey Show…now where is the car?? Seriously, when Ryan told them to look under their seats for the compilation CD, I felt like I was watching Oprah. I don’t get the point of the CD though because I’m pretty sure if you’re a fan of the show and have been watching for a while that you already have 10 songs on the CD. I know that I do.

Well, I was way off this week. I only got one person right in the bottom 3 this week, Haley. And she was my pick to go home, but that didn’t happen. I was almost going to put Karen in the bottom 3, but then I thought that she was alright this week.

So now we are down to 11: James, Haley, Lauren, Naima, Scotty, Thia, Pia, Stefano, Casey, Jacob, and Paul. Which means that next week we find out who the top 10 are and then we will get info on the tour!!!!

That’s all for now, leave me comments!!! Oh, and check out my new layout, let me know what you think. I also added a button for my blog (that my wonderful fiancé made).


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