Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Top 12 Guys Perform

Time for Idol…and it’s the guys up first. I love the Idol set this season! They have been changing it up recently and I like that. It’s good to keep things fresh.

First up is Clint, the karaoke host that I thought wouldn’t be good at all. His performance wasn’t anything special for me though. I don’t know, maybe that’s because it’s the 10th season, so it’s gonna take a lot of talent for a contestant to blow me away.

Next is Jovany with “I’ll Be”. I’m kinda getting bored with this song. I’m gonna have to agree with Randy on this one. I don’t think he brought that much to the table with this song. It was just okay for me.

I will always remember Jordan as “the guy who kicked Jaceee out of the group”. His version of “OMG” definitely had the girls in the audience going crazy. It wasn’t the best though and wasn’t the best song choice for him. I definitely agree with Randy, whenever you hear someone sing a song on Idol, in the back of your mind you are comparing it to the original. And his version did not cut it. I also don’t understand why he even sang that song if he said himself that that song didn’t represent him.

Tim is up next singing “Come On Over”. I think the guys so far are struggling with song choice tonight. The contestants should know by now that song choice is the most important thing on Idol. I mean, the guys aren’t sucking, but I think they could be better if they would just pick better songs.

Alright, up next is one of my favorites, Brett! I really hope he chose the right song!! He sang “Light My Fire”. Now I think this is a good song choice. It’s not a song that is sung that often on Idol. Actually, I think this may be the first time that anyone has sang this song. I can’t remember anyone ever singing this song. But I thought he did a great job with it. I think he is definitely going to be in the top 12 because he’s gonna get the votes from the little girls.

James is another one of my favorites. It might be because I like Adam Lambert and he reminds me of Adam a lot. I’m surprised that none of the judges pointed that out. I never heard that song before, but I think it was a really good song choice for him. Wow, he is so much taller than Ryan, haha…I know that is random but I just wanted to point that out.

Robbie is up next singing “In the Arms of the Angel”. I think he took a risk by singing a female song. I thought it sounded really good.

There’s a podcast I listen to called The Gleeful Podcast, and one of the guys that does the show is Ed. I just started following him on Twitter and I just wanted to share with you one of his tweets that he just tweeted a little bit ago.

@EdwardGiordano First tip: do a song traditionally done by the opposite gender, it will be easier to stand out and won't be karaoke.

And I totally agree with that. Think about it, if a guy sings a song that is sung by a girl or vise-versa, you won’t be able to compare their version to the original. So I definitely think that the easiest way for you to stick out from the rest is to sing a song by the opposite gender.

I’m really looking forward to see what Scotty is going to sing. Wow…every time I hear him I still can’t believe that he is only 17. How does he have that big of a voice?? It’s crazy!!! He will definitely be in the top 12. Or top 13, I don’t know. I’m seeing things online about there possibly being a top 13, so I’m not quite sure.

Stefano sang “Just the Way You Are” and was just alright. I love “Just the Way You Are” and I wish he would have sang it a little better. Of course Ryan has to ask him if that song was dedicated to anyone special, that’s typical Ryan for ya.

I don’t remember Paul that much. He kind of reminds me of Rod Stewart. He’s just got that older type voice. I can imagine him being played on the adult contemporary radio stations. I don’t know, it’s not really doing it for me, I’m not a fan, I’m sorry.

Jacob’s version of “A House is Not a Home” sounded really good. He nailed it!! He’s definitely in the top 12.

Casey wraps up the night with “I Put a Spell On You”. I thought it was a great way to end the night!! I really liked it!

Alright, so I don’t really follow the site that much, but I was just curious as to see what Vote for the Worst thinks of the guys. In case you don’t know anything about Vote for the Worst, they are the reason that Sanjaya Malakar stayed on Idol for as long as he did. They pretty much get everyone they can to vote for the worst contestant on the show just so they will stay and mess up the results. Their pick for the guys is Brett, which I totally disagree with, because that just means that they think he is the worst of the bunch.

Now it is time to vote. Normally I would just pick up the phone and vote for my favorite, but I’m going to try out the online voting. I can’t believe it took them this long to have voting online when everything else nowadays is online.

So the online voting thing, the only thing I’m not liking is that it has one of those things where you have to type in the letters or numbers that you see. I am definitely not going to be one of the crazy people who votes the maximum of 50 times that you can vote, because that would take way too long. I’m sure there will be people that will be crazy enough to do that.

Well, that is all for my thoughts on tonight’s Idol. I think that overall the guys were just alright. I give them a B. I think the girls can definitely be better than the guys. Thanks for reading! Leave me comments!!


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