Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pushing the limit

Wow, Janelle is really going to ask her mom if her and Kiefer can stay at her house. That is not going to turn out that well. If Janelle is lucky, her mom will let her stay there but say no to Kiefer.

I really hope that nothing major is wrong with Ali. That has to be so hard on Leah and Corey. But they can make it through it, at least I hope they can.

“Do dishes woman”, oh yeah, that’s what I want my fiancĂ© to say to me, just kidding! I can’t believe he said that. She didn’t seem to notice though. I can see things turning bad with them again.

Here comes a fight, I can just sense it. Wow, I am totally shocked that her mom said yes! At least Janelle will get to see Jace a lot more than she has. But I don’t think that her and Kiefer living there is going to last too long before it causes problems.

I agree with Janelle’s mom’s rules. They need to do some house work in return for them staying there. And what did I say, they probably have only been there a few days and Janelle and her mom are fighting already. And this argument could have been avoided if Janelle would have just wiped up the milk stain before her mom saw it. I don’t know what goes through Janelle’s mind sometimes. She really bugs me!

Chelsea and Adam aren’t going to work out. And if he cheats on her again, she definitely needs to show him the door and never let him back in.

Really?? Janelle and Kiefer are smoking weed at Janelle’s mom’s house? Janelle is never going to get custody of Jace if she doesn’t change her ways. How does she think that by smoking weed she is proving that she can take care of her child?? I just really want to know what is going through her mind!! Why does she try to act responsible and then go and do stuff that proves that she isn’t responsible and never will be?? Ugh…she really bugs me!! Can you tell that I’m annoyed with her?

So I haven’t talked about Kailyn that much yet. She just needs to get out of Jo’s parent’s house and then she won’t have to keep it a secret that she’s dating Jordan.

Janelle said she hates when things go good and then they turn bad, well that’s her fault!!! If she changed her ways things could be different. But I don’t think she’s ever going to change.

Alright, I’ve figured out MTV’s plan…they keep getting us thinking that they are going to show the MRI results, but then they keep saying they’ll show it next week and then next week, just so we keep tuning in each week. Oh well, we’ll find out eventually.

Well, I guess that is all for tonight. I’m looking forward to next week’s episode! More drama, as always!


  1. I just happened on your page while looking up info on Janelle and Keifer. I pretty much agree with everything you said. I have a 19yr old daughter, and she is mature enough, and smart enough to know that you do not smoke weed especially if you had a child, you do not steal your mothers credit card, and she would know that keifer is just using her and is a loser! Uggg....it wears me out watching her sometimes and i just want to reach through the tv and shake her! Although i feel that Barbara needs some counseling and anger management, Janelle brings alot on herself. I am not sure that at this point Jace needs to be with either one of them. It just breaks my heart when i see him wandering around right in the middle of their screaming matches and the language they use. Chelsea is sweet, a good mom and very pretty. Adam is a complete idiot and i am glad he moved out. Kailyn is a bit dramatic, shouldve moved out and been honest instead of sneaking around, but she is a good mom and i am impressed at how responsible she is. Joe wears me out, he is so controlling and very mean with his words when he gets angry. Leah and Corey, i love them! Those two baby girls are so adorable! I really would like to see those two make it as a couple. They are both very sweet, and seem like good people. They have such a strong support system. It is very rare to see such a strong loving family these days. Just thought i would share my thoughts. I like reading other peoples thoughts and views on things. Have a great day!
    Kristi Hartsell, Ardmore, Ok.

  2. Thanks for sharing what you thought! :) be sure to come back each week Teen Mom is on so you can read more of my thoughts!


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