Thursday, March 10, 2011

School tax cuts

Yesterday I got an email from the president of the university I go to. It was explaining Governor Corbett’s proposed budget. Because of the budget cut for education, my universities funding would be cut by 50%. Those cuts will affect the programs and services that they can offer and it will even affect the ability for students to graduate in 4 years.

So I am asking everyone to contact the PA senator and local representatives and let them know that the proposed budget just doesn’t work. As the president of my university said, “The future of Pennsylvania's children is at stake.”

So here is the link to send them an email:  Click here

I have already sent an email and I got an auto reply from the senator, so it is really going to important people, it’s not just some email address. So again, please click on that link and send an email, it will take you less than 2 minutes to do. Then pass this on to all of your friends!!

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  1. Governor Corbett might be insane. In addition to cutting the funding for higher education by over 50% (about $625 million), he's also cutting funding for K-12 schools by over $810 million, and directly laying off over 1,500 state workers. In other words, Corbett's plan is bigger classrooms, fewer teachers, and college only for the wealthy!

    At least he's increasing funding for welfare by $600 million; the uneducated, unemployed people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are going to need it.

    And Nicole, in all seriousness, if you want to be a teacher, go to Maryland, New Jersey, or Delaware. Things are going from bad to worse in Pennsylvania.


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