Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bo Bice Concert!!

Tuesday night was the Bo Bice concert. I got to the park around 8:50 am to put our chairs out to save our seats. Since this was a free concert, I thought that a lot of people would be setting their chairs up early. Well, I was wrong about that. There was only one other person there when I got there. So being the second person there, I got us front row seats!!! I knew my mom was going to love it when we got there later that evening for the concert!! And she did!! The concert was really good! It was just Bo and his guitar, no band. The one thing that bummed me out was that he didn’t sing his song “The Real Thing”. Here are some of the pictures I took…

100_4955 100_4958 100_4961 100_4963 100_4964 100_4967 100_4968 100_4972  100_4978  100_4980 100_4983 100_4987 100_4988

At one point during the concert, he was telling us how our community reminded him of his hometown of Helena, Alabama. He kind of made me change my mind a little bit of how I feel about the town. I’ve always thought it was pretty boring because there is nothing to do around here. But maybe I just need to look a little harder and actually find things to do.

After the concert was over, we were packing up our chairs and I noticed some people were standing around the stage. I figured they were probably waiting to see if Bo was coming out to sign autographs so we went over there. They said that he was coming out but wasn’t going to be doing any posed pictures, just autographs. My mom had this American Idol word search book so she had Bo sign on the page that was dedicated to him. He was surprised to see that and said “They’ll put anyone in a book”. Then I had him sign a paper that the library was giving out that told about the concert and who helped sponsor it. While he was signing, I asked him why he didn’t sing “The Real Thing”, except I was so star-struck that I said “The Real One”. He said that he was going to sing that and “Sweet Home Alabama” but then his guitar string broke!! That is such a bummer!!! He sang “Sweet Home Alabama” on Idol and it was really good!!!

Here is the picture that I took right after he signed my paper. At first I wasn’t going to take a picture because the flash on my camera is blinding, but other people were taking pictures so I decided to just take one. 100_5014

Then when my mom and I came home from the concert, I was looking on facebook and I found this picture…


Yup, that’s me standing in front of Bo!!! I have no idea who took this picture, but it is awesome!!!

So that’s all…that was one of my last big things of the summer. This coming Sunday my fiance and I are having an “End of the Summer” party with a bunch of our family over, so that will truly be the last hurrah of the summer!! Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

What concerts did you go to this summer???


  1. Glad you got to enjoy Bo!! Isn't he great in concert?!?!?! And still cute as ever!!! Nice blog and awesome pics!!!


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