Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Recap

Another weekend has come to an end. Friday night I did my first shopping as an extreme couponing! If you missed that post, be sure to check it out here. My fiancĂ© and I also stopped by the Goodwill near us because it had just reopened. It got burned down in a fire back in 2009 and was relocated somewhere else temporarily. Well, Friday was the new grand opening at it’s original location. I wanted to stop by and look for a lamp because I need one to put beside our bed so I can read before bed. I found one but I think I’m going to make it my next DIY project. It’s mostly purple with some green on it but I’m not a fan of the green. So I’m going to get some fabric paint sometime and then fix that up.

On Saturday I worked from 8-4. It was an okay day at work, slow in the morning but busier around lunch time. Then me, my fiancé, and step-mom went to see Cars 2!! I thought the movie was awesome!! It was definitely action-packed from the very beginning!! There were also a ton of previews for movies that I want to see. This Christmas, there will be another Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. The Smurfs Movie comes out sometime this summer. And I really want to see Winnie the Pooh!!

Today, I worked from 8-4 yet again. Then I went right from work to the Dollar Tree to get my 2 newspapers. I also had to go to the grocery store to get an apple and some onions for dinner. I made a recipe from Betty Crocker called Impossibly Easy Ham and Cheddar Pie. It had an apple in it but you could hardly taste it. It was really good!!! We had my dad and step-mom up for dinner and they liked it as well. I made a strawberry cake with chocolate icing for dessert. Usually when I make a cake, I wait a few hours or even overnight before I put the icing on because otherwise I ruin the cake. My step-mom said that you can put the icing on the cake an hour and a half after it comes out of the oven. My fiance really wanted a piece of the cake so he tried to cool it off by holding it in front of the AC.

Well, that was my weekend. Now I have to do some dishes and then organize my coupons and look at the ads! I hope everyone had a good weekend!


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