Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Would You Rather Wednesday- 5/4/11


Would you rather receive $10,000 or be able to eat whatever you want and not gain weight?

I would say I’d rather receive $10,000. I already eat pretty much whatever I want and don’t gain that much weight. Plus you can always exercise and eat right to make sure that you don’t gain weight. So yeah, I would so much rather get $10,000. I would use some to pay of my college loans the rest I would put towards my wedding. Which would you rather choose? Leave me a comment and let me know. Also don’t forget to vote in the poll.

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  1. $10,000. Easy. :) Thanks for inviting me to your hop!

  2. Agreed!

    Thanks for riding the train - working on getting around to all the passengers, following, and saying hi!
    The Survival Mama

  3. Tough one! I think I'd go with eat whatever what I want and not gain weight! $10,000 will only last for some time but the eating part is forever :) Plus, I really love to cook and bake and they are not always healthy!

  4. Eating! I love to cook and eat as I come from a Mexican family and married to an Italian one! haha!! I work out and such, but it would just be so much easier!

  5. Hi I am new follower from the uk
    Loved your blog
    please come visit me anytime

  6. Hi!
    Thanks for hopping by and for following. I am now following you too. =0)


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