Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Idols- Where are they now?

So I was just thinking that I haven’t done one of these posts in a while. My step-mom said last weekend I should do one about Clay Aiken, so that’s who I’m going to write about in this post.
I still can’t believe that this…

Turned into this…

Measure Of A ManSo if  you don’t remember, Clay was the runner-up to Ruben Studdard on the 2nd season of Idol in 2003. The result was controversial because a lot of people expected Clay to win. But even though he didn’t, he has gone on to be the second season’s most popular contestant. He released his first CD, Measure of a Man in 2003 with 613,000 copies sold in its first week which is the highest-selling debut for a solo artist in 10 years. Then he put out a Christmas CD in 2004. After that he put out a CD in 2006 that featured 10 cover songs and 4 new songs. In 2008 he put out yet another CD. Then I just found out that on June 1, 2010, he put out another CD called Tried and True with Decca Records, which just features classic songs from the 50s and 60s. But in February of this year, he was dropped from that record label. He is supposed to go on tour sometime this year to promote that album. Another project that he founded was the Bubel/Aiken Foundation. He founded it back in 2003 with Diane Bubel. It has since been changed to the National Inclusion Project. It is dedicated to promoting the inclusion of children with disabilities in activities with their non-disabled peers. I helped out with it before at an event called Wrapping for Inclusion where I went with my mom to a Barnes and Nobles and sat at a table and wrapped gifts for people and people could give donations. It’s actually been a while since I’ve done that, probably about 2 years. I think the foundation is great and I should see about getting my college involved with it.
Another thing everyone knows about Clay is that is he is gay, but who cares. We all suspected it on the show and then in 2008 he came out and announced that he is gay. The only thing recently I’ve found as to what he is doing is that he is going to be on an episode of  the Lifetime show Drop Dead Diva along with Lance Bass. So that’s about all there is to say about Clay. Leave me some comments!!

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  4. thank you for writing about Clay Aiken. I am Puteri from Indonesia, I love him since 2003 until now - 8 years quite a long journey :).


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  6. Thanks for the write up on the best singer to come out of Idol. Loved it!!!


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