Friday, May 13, 2011

We’re finally down to the final 3!!

So, this was supposed to get posted last night around 9:00,  but Blogger wasn’t working. Now it finally is, so here is what I wrote about Idol last night.

What a season it has been so far. Tonight we will find out who makes it to the top 3!! I was going to go for a bike ride with my dad and fiancé but then I just didn’t feel like it and I need to get some dishes done. So I’m going to do dishes, watch Idol, and write my thoughts on Idol, all at the same time!

Tonight we actually got a recap of the performances last night. I think that’s one of the few times that they showed a recap this season. Then James and Scotty sang a duet. Next up Haley and Lauren did a duet.

Then they showed the contestants video chatting with their family members using Windows 7. That was so cute when James’ son was singing the ABC’s. I was feeling tears in my eyes! That has to be really hard to be away from your family for that long.

Woah, they have gold chairs for the top 3! The first person in the top 3 is Lauren!!! Yay! I knew she would be safe!!!

It is now 8:36 and we still don’t know who else is going to be in the top 3. They could make this into a 30 minute show if they didn’t have all this useless stuff. When they have past Idol contestants on the show, that is fine. But did they really have to have Enrique perform? He wasn’t the mentor this week. Oh well.

And speaking of past Idol contestants, Jordin Sparks was on tonight!! I loved her intro!! It showed her winning idol, then played some songs from her previous CD’s. I love her new song “I Am Woman”! I’ve probably listened to it a couple hundred times since buying it on Tuesday! I kept listening to it over and over again on repeat! I’m so excited that she’s touring with New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys this summer cause I can’t wait to see her again!! She is the one Idol contestant that I would really love to meet!! I mean, I’d love to meet a lot of them, but she is at the top of my list!!! Haha, she went up to the judges when she was singing and she kissed Steven on the lips. Overall her performance was awesome!!! It’s hard to believe that she was only 16 when she won Idol!! And now, like her song says, she is a woman!

After the commercial break, they premiered Steven’s new music video. It is now 8:45. Come on, we just want to know the results!

Back to the results…I am shocked!!! Haley is in the top 3!!! Wow!!!! So now it will either be Scotty or James going home. I really hope it’s Scotty!!!

Noooooooo….what has America done??? I think this is worse than when Pia got voted off!! I thought that he could have made it to the finale. Now I really hope that Scotty and Lauren are in the finale. It’s not that I don’t like Haley, because I do a little bit, but James got robbed


  1. James def got robbed and on top of that the night before ryan mentioned that this was the week daughtry went home, which in my mind he shouldnt have said that because that is probably why james didnt get the votes. i am super pissed that james isnt in the finale. i balled my eyes out, he is soo talented the best singer and performer on that show. this whole season has been a mess. then again james doesnt need idol, he will be huge just like daughtry and adam lambert! i want scotty to win in it all now that my crazy james is off the show. i swear if it is lauren and haley in the finale, this will be the worst finale ever! i will only watch it to see james, pia, scotty, stefano, and paul!

  2. Totally agree with you!!!! James sure got a raw deal. I cannot believe those who voted for Jacob are now voting for Haley.

    That smug look on her face when Ryan was talking to James really ticked me off.

  3. James has not been at the top of his game since top 6 week, and the fact that he got to close the show this week, meant Haley needed that many more votes to survive. So Nicole continue to predict Haley's demise it seems to be working, I personally have every confidence that she will make not only the final but also win.
    Love Ed


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