Friday, May 13, 2011

Review: Gamefly

I just signed up for Gamefly this past Sunday and I love it!!! For those who don’t know what Gamefly is, it is the Netflix for games (I’m sure you all know what Netflix is. If you don’t, you can Google it). They have three different options to choose from when signing up: 2 games out at a time for $11.95 the first month then $22.95/month after that, 1 game out for $7.95 the first month then $15.95/month after that, or free trial with 2 games out, it is free for the first 10-days then it is $22.95 per month. I went with the one game a month deal because I don’t need to have two games out at once. And I’m probably only going to keep Gamefly for the summer and then cancel it once school starts again.

I got an email on Monday saying that my first game (Karaoke Revolution Glee Volume 2) got sent and I received it Wednesday. Then I put it back in the mail on Thursday and now I’m waiting for my next game. Gamefly is great because already it has saved me money. I’m glad that I got the Glee game through this because I love Glee and I love the game, but I’m not really going to play the game that much. I have the first one and compared to that one, the first one is definitely better. So I definitely recommend Gamefly if you want to test out some games before you waste your money on a game you’ll only play once.

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  1. My husband just signed up for Gamefly too, but says he wants to get rid of it already. Just it taking way to long to get them in the mail. It's probably just because there warehouse isn't close by like Netflix's (which we are spoiled, because we get movies from them in literally a day). The whole concept is pretty rad though, especially for guys who play and finish them so quickly. Those $60 games can add up way too quickly!!

  2. im not much of a gamer but my husband will love this! :)

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