Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Glee goes to the prom!!

I didn’t get to watch Glee last night because I had to work. So I’m going to watch it now before I have to work today.

So the band that was going to play at prom can’t play so the Glee club will be singing at the prom. Mercedes doesn’t have a date for the prom so she doesn’t want to go. That shouldn’t stop her from going. I went to my junior and senior prom by myself. I just went with a bunch of friends and I still had a great time. Not having a date shouldn’t stop you from going.

Aww, Kurt asked Blaine to the prom!! Blaine had a hard time though because of a past experience that got him beat up for being gay. But, he did say yes!!

Then Rachel and Mercedes ask Sam to go to prom with both of them as a 3 way date. That’s very different.

Jesse is back!! He came in while Rachel was singing “Rolling in the Deep” and started singing with her. At first I didn’t recognize that song but then I realize it’s the Adelle song. They changed it up a lot and it sounds so different!! I liked it though. Then Jesse asks Rachel to prom so now he is joining her, Mercedes, and Sam with their “Prom on a budget”.

Artie sang “Isn’t She Lovely” to Brittany in hopes that she would forgive him and go to prom with her. I think she’s torn between forgiving him and staying mad at him. She’s trying not to smile, but it’s not working. Wow, after that she still says no to him.

Quinn’s dress was so pretty!! And so was Mercede’s and Rachel’s!

OMG!!! They sang “Friday” from Rebecca Black!!! Haha!! The song sounds so much better when the Glee club sings it!!! Glee club can make any bad song good!!! I am definitely downloading that song!! (I just checked the top songs on iTunes, and “Friday” is number 10, that is funny!")

Then Rachel sang “Jar of Hearts”. So pretty!! Another download of the night.

Uh oh…Puck wanted Artie to spike the punch and he got caught by Sue!!

Finn and Jesse got in a fighting, causing them both to get kicked out of the prom.

The prom king is…David and the prom queen is Kurt!!! Wow!! That was totally unexpected!! I felt bad for him because no one clapped for him.

Wow, now Quinn, Kurt, and Santana want to transfer out of McKinley. I don’t think that they will though.

Brittany did end up dancing with Artie and hanging out with him at prom. Who knows if that means she forgave him for good, but they all seemed like they had a great time! My prom wasn’t as awesome as theirs!

Next Tuesday is the 2nd to last episode of the season!!! And it looks really good!!! And is someone going to die, because the episode is called “Funeral”. I don’t know, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Leave me comments letting me know what you thought. And don’t forget to join me in my blog hop!

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