Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gaga Visits the Idols

I went for a bike ride at 8:00 with my fiancé and dad so I didn’t get to watch Idol live tonight. I found that I’m a little more out of shape than I thought I was. There were a few times where we came to a hill and I had to get off my bike and walk because I was that tired. Oh well. I’m hoping to go on a bike ride every night or at least every other night so eventually I’ll get more used to it.

I absolutely loved the beginning when they showed the past season’s contestants who got to go home once they were down to the top 3. I think that the 10th place spot is important because of being on the tour, but the 2nd most important spot is the top 3 because that is when they get to visit their hometown.

So James started round one with “Don’t Stop Believing”. Before he even starts singing it, I think it’s gonna be great!! And it was! That was one of my favorite performances from James and I hope he does it on tour!!

Up next was Haley with a Michael Jackson song. I thought it was alright. She’s been better than that. I hate to say it (sorry in advance, Ed) but I think that Haley is going to leave this week.

Next was Scotty singing “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning”. That song was right in his element and he sounded great!!!

Lauren sang “Anyway”. I love this song and can see this fitting Lauren really well!! She sounded amazing!! She will definitely make it through tonight (regardless of what my fiancé says, he thinks she’s gonna leave. Crazy, right?)

I can’t believe that Randy outed Haley like that, saying that round one was a tie between Lauren, Scotty, and James. He should have just included her or just picked one person that he thought was the best so he didn’t single her out like that. I agree with Ryan, Randy is being a little mean tonight!

Lady Gaga is crazy! I can’t believe that she became popular in 2008. Has it really been that long? Gaga is crazy!! There has never been a performer quite like her and I doubt there ever will be again.

Haley starts off round 2 singing “I Who Have Nothing”. This immediately reminded me of when Jordin Sparks sang it! Side note for you…I was writing my labels for this post and as I was writing the contestants names, I wrote “Haley Scarnato” instead of “Haley Reinhart”, haha. Haley Scarnato was a past Idol contestant, and for some reason I thought that that was Haley’s last name. I thought that Haley did a great job with that song! It was definitely better than the first one!!!

Next was Scotty singing “Young Blood.” Gaga tells Scotty to pretend that the microphone is his girlfriend, point proven that Gaga is crazy!! He did a little better with holding the microphone the normal way, but he still held it to the side at times. I thought that this performance was alright. I liked his first song better though.

Lauren sang “Trouble”. I loved it!!! I remember Carrie Underwood singing this song on season 4 and I think it comes to a tie for which version is the best!! Lauren will definitely be safe this week, no doubt about it!!

James wrapped up the night with “Love Potion Number 9”. I don’t know if I heard that song before but I know there is a drink at Starbucks with that name. It’s something with raspberry I think. I thought it was great!! He’ll definitely be through to next week!!

So, I think it is going to be down to either Scotty or Haley. Lauren and James are definitely save! And then…(sorry, Ed) I think Haley is leaving us this week. Thanks for reading, leave me comments!

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  1. I say this, and it'll probably offend you, but I've never cared much for James. I get that his look is unique, and his sound to a degree...

    To me though, he always seems to be screaming, and he's never really on pitch. I just think the judges this season are all too nice, and offer a variation of the same praise/criticism after each performance. I miss Simon, and his truth!

    We're all entitled to our opinions though, and I appreciate your update.

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