Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Unseen moments of Teen Mom 2

Here we go…unseen moments of Teen Mom 2!!! Which means even more drama!

That was cute when Adam and Chelsea went to look for a pet. I guess they never got one because they definitely didn’t show them having a pet on the show.

Janelle wasn’t raising Jace by herself, her mom was raising Jace for her! I’m surprised we didn’t hear that much about Andrew, Jace’s dad. That is sad that Jace is going to grow up without his father. I love how she is sitting there feeding him and I wanna know, what happened to that Janelle. So she said that she wants to date someone who has goals like her. First off, I would like to know what her goals in life are, if you ask me, I don’t think she has any. And second, I guess she thought that Kiefer had goals in life? Again, I don’t think he had goals either.

That clip of when Chelsea got her wisdom teeth out was great! I loved when Adam was picking up her prescription and he had to call her to find out if she had insurance and he asked her like, a million times what he was saying because he couldn’t understand her. And Dr. Drew is right, the communication between them didn’t get better, even when you could understand what Chelsea was saying.

Alright well, there wasn’t really anything else interesting in the episode, I was kinda disappointed but we did see some new stuff. Leave me comments and let me know what you thought!


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