Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Then there were 6…

I didn’t get to watch Idol live tonight because I went to the mall with some friends. It’s the end of the semester and we just wanted to go do something besides being stuck on campus. Tonight the theme was Carole King. I’m not sure I know too many of her songs. I’ll probably only know the songs if they’ve been done on Idol before.

Jacob was first singing “Oh No Not My Baby”. I actually liked this performance from him. I didn’t like all of it though. There were some parts where he was singing high and it sounded a little bit pitchy.

Lauren sang “Where You Lead”. Like anything from Lauren, I really like it!! That was awesome when she brought the guy onstage and had him sit on the stage and then she sang to him.

They had duets on the show tonight. My guess is that they just needed space to fill so they decided to have them do duets. The first one was Haley and Casey singing “I Feel the Earth Move”. I liked it when they were singing separately, but I don’t think their voices fit that well together. Overall I didn’t like it, because when it comes down to it, a duet should sound good when the two people are singing together.

Back to the individual performances, we heard Scotty sing “You’ve Got a Friend”. As always, he put his country twang into the song and it sounded great!!! It’s almost like he’s been doing this for years!! He is a great singer!!!

James was next with “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”. I loved how he sang the first part of it a capella! Singing a capella shows you are a good singer because it’s hard to sing a capella. As with all of his other performances, I loved it!!

Lauren and Scotty sing the next duet with “Up On the Roof”. This should be really good since they’ve done duets before and sound great together!! And I was right, it was awesome!

Up next was Casey singing “Hi De Ho”. I liked in the beginning how he played a few notes on the piano as he was singing. I thought overall the song was alright. It was definitely one of my least favorites from him.

Haley sang “Beautiful”. I thought that was a good song choice for her. What I still can’t believe is that I’ve been wanting her to leave for a while, and now I actually like her and would probably be a little sad to see her leave. I want her to make it farther than Jacob and Casey.

So they wrapped up the show with James and Jacob singing “I’m Into Something Good”. This performance felt like Casey and Haley’s performance. I don’t think their voices sounded that good together. It sounded kind of cheesy at parts. I liked James’ parts of it though, obviously! And I thought that was funny when they spun Jennifer’s chair around and sang to her and then when they went back to the main stage you saw Randy and Steven pull her back to the table. I’d say overall it wasn’t the best duet of the night.

So I’d have to say my favorites of the night were Lauren, Scotty, and James. I think that the bottom 3 will be Jacob, Haley, and Casey. Then I think that Casey is going to leave.

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