Thursday, April 7, 2011

And then there were 8…

Well, after last night’s show, I don’t even want there to be a results show. No one should go home because they were all good! But, someone has to go…so let’s see who it’s gonna be.

Russel Brandt is hilarious!! That’s a great change for a mentor on the show, they always have someone who is a singer, not an actor. But it looks like he had fun with it and so did the contestants.

Well, I got one person in the bottom 3 wrong. I thought that Lauren was going to be in the bottom 3. I didn’t think she deserved it, but I just put her there cause I didn’t know who else to put in the bottom 3. Instead of Lauren, it was Stefano,

I was also wrong about the second person in the bottom 3. I would have never guessed that it would be Pia in the bottom 3.

The TMZ part was funny, when they gave the contestants some tips. I loved it when they picked on James for being so excited when Hulk Hogan was on the show. That was mean when they picked on Lauren for falling down the stairs though.

Now in center stage, James, Haley, and Jacob. James is the first one safe, I saw that coming. So now that means I’m only going to have one person in the bottom 3 right. And that person is…Jacob. I really think he could be leaving this week!

Wow, Ryan was so cruel to Jacob…when he said that he was going to be leaving us, I thought he meant he was leaving. But he really said “you will be leaving us, and going to the couches cause you are safe!”

What!!!!! Pia is leaving???? That is insane!!!! Where is the save when you need it?!?!? That is ridiculous!!!! She shouldn’t have even been in the bottom 3!!!! I’m with Jennifer on this, I’m in shock and angry!!! This is what happens when you think that your favorite is safe, you have to vote!!! Well, that’s all I’ve got for now, leave me comments and let me know what you thought.


  1. Totally agree!!! Was so upset that she left. The judges never should have used the save that early in the season!! I was really hoping it would've been Jacob that got booted!

  2. I was in complete shock when I saw the results too! Poor Stefano too! He knew he was going home and then looked completely shocked and horrified that he stayed. I didn't agree with the bottom three to begin with, but definitely didn't think it was Pia's turn to go home. Thank for stopping by and following my blog! I see you like glee too...we are going to be fast friends! :) I am following you back! :)


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