Monday, April 25, 2011

Nicole’s Random Blog Hop

So, I wanted to start my own blog hop and see how many people I could get to join me. I will do this every week. I’ll open it up on Monday and keep it open until Friday. Then I will go to before the next Monday and pick a “featured blog” for the next week. Be sure to link up and have your followers link up as well! Just get out there and find some new blogs to follow!
1. Follow me and the “Featured Blog of the Week”. (This week there will be no featured blog though because it’s the first week)
2. Leave me and the “Featured Blog of the Week” a comment so we can follow you back
3. Add your link below.
4. Copy and paste the blog hop link and put it on your blog in a post
5. If you get a new follower, be sure to follow them back
6. Have fun!!

Nicole's Random Blog Hop


  1. I'm a new follower and participating in your blog hop!!!! Good luck and I hope it becomes a successful one for you :)
    I added your button to my blog hop page!

  2. Ok! did it!

    Like i said in the train hop i'm not sure what i want to do with all the buttons and how.... so hopefully you'll forgive me if it is not there right away....?

    Thanks for hosting and hope to see you soon!

  3. Stopping by from The Tuesday Train, look forward to reading your Glee Review! Love Idol too! I am your newest GFC and Networked Blog Follower!
    Aprils Lifestyle Show

  4. Grabbed your button!
    Happy Tuesday!
    So Happy I found your blog via Fun Tuesday Hop!
    new follower
    Life Below Zero

  5. Hi there! Following you from the blog hop. I grabbed your button at added it to my Blog Hop Library, hope that helps spread the word a little. Would love it if you could come visit us at Random Deals. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for hosting! Already a GFC follower. Now following you on networked blogs. :)


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