Thursday, April 21, 2011

American Idol- the final 7!

I was hanging out with some friends last night so I didn’t get to watch Idol live last night and I didn’t get a chance to just watch the performances online. So I am watching the whole show right now.
I’m kind of confused on why they had a group song in the beginning. Last night was Wednesday, right? And the performances are done on Wednesday night. The beginning just seemed like the beginning of a results show. I don’t know what the point was of killing time and having them come back on the show. I didn’t even recognize some of those girls. And parts of the song were really rough and kind of painful to watch. Maybe they didn’t get enough practice.
Alright, so onto the actual performances. Scotty was up first. The clip before he sang where the Idols were talking about how he holds the microphone wrong was great! He does hold it pretty weird. Why did the contestants have to point out how he holds the microphone weird? Because the whole time he sang “Swingin'”, all I could pay attention to was him holding that dang microphone. It’s really weird when he holds it with two hands. Ok, so onto what’s important here, I thought he sounded wonderful with that song!! Yet another great performance from Scotty!!
Up next was James, the rocker of the group. And apparently the other Idols don’t understand James and his scarves. I thought James was good but it wasn’t one of my favorites from him. I guess I just didn’t like the song. But he was definitely rocking it and he will definitely be safe!!!
Haley was up next. I knew from the little clip of her singing before she came on stage, that this would be a good song for her. She has really grown on me throughout the season. I like her a lot more now than I used to a few weeks ago. 
We saw a very different side of Jacob tonight. He took a big risk by picking “Dance with My Father”, just because it’s a really emotional song for him. But he only had one rough part in the beginning where he couldn’t get out the words because of the emotions running through him. Oh, but then Jacob said after the judges comments that it wasn’t the emotions that caused him to mess up his words a little bit. I thought Jacob was really good and I think he’ll be safe!!
That was hilarious when the Idols were talking about Casey and he came into the shot when pretty much all the Idols were making fun of him. That’s a part of the reason I love Idol so much. I love seeing the Idols interact together and kind of form a little family. It’s really fun to watch them all together off stage. I had been reading tweets today about Casey kissing Jennifer and I gotta say, that was really funny! He did it right at the end of the song. He was really good tonight. I loved how he changed up the song.
Next was Stefano singing “Closer”. I haven’t really been a fan of him that much, but I really enjoyed it. He’s got some great dance moves, too! Not really much I’ve got to say about him other than I liked it.
Lauren wrapped up the show with “Born to Fly”. As always, she nailed it and sounded amazing! I really think it’s going to be down to her, James, and Scotty. And maybe she could win it all and be the next Carrie Underwood!!
Alright, after seeing the recap and thinking it over for a little bit, I think the bottom 3 will be: Stefano, Jacob, and Haley. I know that I said I liked all 3 of them, but there has to be a bottom 3. And I think Lauren, Scotty, Casey, and James will all be safe. I actually think that maybe they will be the top 4 in the whole thing.

So I just realized that I never made a choice on who I think is leaving. I think that it will be Haley.

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