Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Slippery slope

Finally, we’re gonna find out the results from Ali’s MRI. I loved when Leah went wedding dress shopping!! I loved the dress she picked out!! Seeing that scene made me even more excited for when I go dress shopping.

Janelle needs to get her priorities straight. She needs to start acting like she wants to be a mother or else she’ll never get custody of Jace. And I really think that’s never gonna happen. But as Justin Bieber would say “Never say never”, haha.

I’m not surprised to see Chelsea and Adam not getting along again. I bet that by the end of the episode they will be broken up and hopefully he is gone for good. I just heard this morning that Chelsea’s ex-roommate, Megan, is pregnant. I guess she hasn’t learned anything from Chelsea’s mistake.

That’s good that Ali’s MRI was all normal. That is just really weird because it doesn’t explain what is wrong with her.

I’m confused. Now Kailyn’s mom is letting her stay with her. I wonder why she didn’t let her move in with her before.

Janelle is kind of right, her mom needs to stop dwelling on the past and not bring up all the bad things that Janelle has done. But Janelle needs to step it up and start acting responsible.

Chelsea is right, “something has to change.” And that something is that she needs to break up with him for good!!

Wow, Adam is a jerk. I just can’t believe him, blaming Chelsea for him cheating. There is no way that it is her fault that he cheated on her 5 times, which he says isn’t a lot. I’m glad he is moving out. He should have never even moved in in the first place.

Well, that’s all for now, until next week. Every week when I see the preview I go “Ugh..” and I roll my eyes at the TV. Even though the people on the show bug me at times, I just can’t stop watching. Leave me comments!!


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