Tuesday, March 8, 2011

“It isn’t cheating because the plumbing’s different”

It’s been two weeks since Glee has been on so it’s about time that it is back!!!

Wow, I can’t believe that Britney is pregnant!! Oh wait, umm…she’s not. She just doesn’t have a clue where babies come from. This is a pretty interesting episode, but I think it’s a season late because we already had a teen pregnancy on the show.

Emma is totally still in love with Will!!! I kinda want her and Carl to break up so that she can get with Will. But I also kinda want Will and Miss Holiday to be together. I’m sure the latter will happen.

Tonight was not a good music night. There isn’t a single song from tonight’s episode that I wanna download. Overall, the episode was alright.

Next week should be pretty good as they do original songs, so stay tuned for that. Leave me comments!!


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