Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mo-town Week

Alright, so I’m not watching Idol, but I’m going to watch the performances online and then write my review from that. Mo-town night should be pretty interesting. I’m really looking forward to see how Scotty will do with his deep country voice.

First up was Casey singing “Heard it Through the Grapevine.” I really like how he changed it and made it his own. It was a very interesting version of it and one that I’ve never heard before. It is always really good when the contestants make a song their own. And he has great stage presence. I think he has definitely improved from last week.

Thia’s version of “Heatwave” was pretty good. It looks like she had a lot of fun with it. Parts of it were weak though.

Jacob was next with “You’re All I Need to Get By.” He has a great voice for mo-town songs and I thought he sounded wonderful with this song. He will definitely be safe this week.

Wow…Lauren was amazing!! I loved the opening of “You Keep Me Hanging On.” I just loved how she slowed it down and totally changed the feel of the beginning of the song. She is definitely safe. And like I’ve said before, she will probably make it to the finale.

Stefano sang “Hello”, which is a good song. He was another contestant that changed it up a little bit, which is really good.

I think Haley improved a little bit since last week. I enjoyed her a little better this week. But I do think she could be in danger of leaving again.

Scotty really surprised me!! I loved his version of “For Once In My Life.” He put a nice country twist on it and sounded really good!!!

Pia sounded really good singing “All in Love is Fair.” It’s nice when contestants sing songs that haven’t been sung on the show that much because you get kind of tired hearing the same songs over and over again. And especially after 10 years (well, 9 for me since I didn’t know about it till season 2), you don’t want to be hearing the same songs all the time.

I think I may be starting to like Paul more than I have in the weeks past. I’m not saying that I’m at the point where I would buy his CD if it came out tomorrow, but I might consider it. I mean, you can’t deny that he has a good voice. After all, he wouldn’t be on the show if he didn’t. Like I keep saying, I think it’s the style of his voice that I don’t like, but I actually liked it tonight.

Naima sounded great with “Dancing in the Street.” I really love how most of the contestants have taken the songs tonight and added a little bit of them to the songs. Also the dancing at the end of her song was great. I know some people will argue that it is a singing competition and not a dancing competition, but who cares if they add some dancing into their performance.

James wrapped up the night with “Living for the City.” He keeps reminding me more and more of Adam Lambert. I gotta get that out of my mind. James is his own person and I’m sure he doesn’t want to be compared to anyone else. I really liked him tonight! He is definitely safe!!

So now is the time when I make my prediction for who I think is leaving. This is really hard because I really liked everyone tonight!!! I think the bottom 3 will be: Haley, Stefano, and Paul. But those are total guesses and I will probably be wrong. And you wanna know how I picked those 3? I just picked Haley cause I think she was the weakest. And then I read the rest of the names to my roommate and she told me to pick Stefano and Paul. I think both of them will safe though and Haley will leave. But yet again, I might be wrong about that, too. Leave me comments and let me know what you thought of the show!

Oh, quick side note, this is my 101st post! Go me!! And keep reading everyone!


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  2. I've decided reading your posts were as good as watching the show and not near as time consuming!!! I'll just stay current with your blog and then wait to the finals to tune in!


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