Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here we go again…

Yet again, I almost forgot about Teen Mom. I don’t know when I’m going to remember that Teen Mom is on Tuesday nights. I guess I just have so many other things to worry about. But here we go…another episode, more drama.

I’m so glad that Leah and Corey are still going to get married. I guess the rumors about them getting divorced is wrong because Leah posted on her official facebook page that her and Corey are still together and doing fine. I definitely think that they will be able to make things work.

Janelle racked up $700 on her mom’s credit card?? And she blames her mom for raising her voice? Again, Janelle brings this all upon herself. No Janelle, Jace does not know who you are. You aren’t around enough for him to form a bond with you, so I bet he has no clue who you are.  I’m glad that her mom is going to take her to court over the credit card charges.

I can’t believe the season finale is next week already!!! I didn’t really blog much tonight about the show. There’s nothing really to say about it cause I’m just frustrated with this season, as you can tell by my previous posts. Leave me comments and let me know what you think.


  1. First, thanks for visiting my blog; I'm now following yours! Secondly, I can't stand Jenelle. She's such a mess - who steals a credit card from her mom and uses that much money? She had sushi, for goodness sake! Eat ramen noodles!

    What makes it worse is that we learned that her mom doesn't have a lot of money. If her mom was rich like Farrah's, it would be slightly less awful, but her mom can't afford Jenelle's actions.

    And how can Jenelle not see what a bad influence Keiffer is? They've since broken up, I hear, thank goodness.

  2. Thanks for your comment! :) I love finding new blogs! Also, I LOVE (loooooooooooove) Teen Mom. I really like Leah and Corey and I hope they can work it out ... but everyone else on that show is such a mess. I seriously think Jo's is the most dysfunctional family I've seen on this show.

  3. I saw on a supermarket tabloid that Leah and Chelsea are pregnant!


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