Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Best episode of Glee…ever!!!

I loved the opening song! But it was very strange, I felt this feeling of deja-vu as I watched and listened to that. It was like I just recently heard that song somewhere or had it in my head. That is one of my favorite songs from the Warblers. And it was funny that Kurt mentioned to Blaine about him having a lot of solos because my friends were talking about that during the song.

Rachel’s song about being an only child was very interesting. And Finn is right, it was definitely better than the headband song. So she’s getting better at songwriting, but she can improve.

“Blackbird” was really good. When it started, I was trying to think of who sang the song. And then I said aloud, “I can tell you who sang it on American Idol.” (Carly Smithson) And then I looked it up and felt stupid for having to look it up, because I’m sure anyone would know that its the Beatles.

Maybe Santana was singing that song about Sam’s mouth to try and break up with him. I have no idea, but I didn’t like it that much. I couldn’t really tell what she was saying.

Puck’s song was a little bit better. But they all need work on how to write a song. All of the original songs they’ve done so far have been horrible.

The scene with Blaine and Kurt when they kissed…wow, that was awesome! That is going to spark a lot of controversy though. I seriously had chills watching that scene. When his hand went up right before he put his hand on Blaine’s face, that was touching. And it’s weird I’m saying that. I’m not for gays, but I’m not against them either. You know, if that is the way they choose to live their lives, than I’m fine with that.

Sue had her glee club sing that religious song just because of the nun that was judging, that was great!

I loved Kurt and Blaine’s solo!! They sound and look really good together!! And “Raise Your Glass” was really good as well!! I am definitely downloading every single song from tonight’s episode. This is my favorite episode of Glee not only on this season, but of both season’s of Glee so far!

Rachel’s song “Get It Right” was amazing!!! I think going with original songs was a really good idea. It’s nice to hear new songs and not them just singing covers of songs. It’s a very nice change on the show.

I also enjoyed “Loser” as well. I loved Sue’s look on her face whenever they showed her in the audience. The foam thumbs was a nice touch to the song. And them throwing confetti out of the slushy cups at the end was awesome.

And the winner is…The New Directions!!!! I hope this isn’t the end for the Warblers though.

We have to wait till April for more Glee? That really sucks!!! After that episode I wanna see more Glee!!! Oh well. I guess I will just have to watch it again once they put it online. Leave me comments and let me know what you thought!


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