Thursday, March 31, 2011

And the two leaving us tonight are…

Here we go, two people are leaving tonight! I just got off work a little bit ago so I’m watching this late. I’m just avoiding the internet so I don’t find out who left before I see it for myself.

That was really weird that Lauren and Scotty sang a duet. Why were they singled out of the group? Well, they went right to the results for those two after they sang, so maybe they’ll be doing this for the rest of the contestants. That was no surprise that both of them are safe.

Alright, I guess they will all be singing duets. I guess I missed Ryan saying that before Lauren and Scotty sang together. Or maybe he just didn’t say anything about it. And I wasn’t surprised that Naima is in the bottom 3.

I’m glad I taped Idol because I just fast-forwarded through Fantasia’s performance. Her voice just bugs me a little bit.

Alright, out of Pia, Thia, and Haley, I think Thia is going to be in the bottom 3 and the other two will be safe. And again, I was correct!

That was crazy about Casey last Thursday. He was shaking so bad!! We didn’t see him after the show though, so that was pretty crazy how he said he felt  kind of guilty for being there (I think guilty was the word, I don’t know).

Yay!!! For the first time this season, I actually got it right for who was leaving!!! And I’m kinda glad that two people left this week because I would have had no idea which one to choose from, Thia or Naima. But they both left!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for the results show. What did you think about the results?


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