Thursday, March 24, 2011

And the top 10 is...

Oh wait, we don't have the top 10 yet. Casey received the least amount of votes but the judges saved him. And that is about all I know about tonight's results show because I had my VCR set up to record, but because the VCR wasn't turned off, it didn't record. Oh, I also know that because they used the save, the top 11 is going on tour. That is really cool. The first thing I thought when I saw online that Casey was saved was "what are they going to do about the tour?" I thought that maybe next week the person with the lowest votes would not be on the tour and then the second person would be leaving but still on tour. But then I just thought about it right now, and that wouldn't really make sense. It makes more sense to have the top 11 go on tour. Now I can't wait to see the tour dates and figure out which concert I'll be going to this year!! Well, that's all for now. Leave me comments!!


  1. Sorry to hear about your vcr troubles!

    I was sure Haley or Naima would have been in the bottom 3 with one of them going home.

  2. You missed a great results show! :(. I don't know what I think about them using the save on Casey. I wasn't surprised whatsoever, but clearly if he was voted off 11th, then he is losing is supporters. Guess we will see what happens next week though! I also may have to check out the tour this season. I went to Kris Allen's and David Cook's, but last year was so blah for me I didn't feel like shelling out the $60+ . Maybe this year though :)

  3. Yeah, that is exactly what my mom said, about Casey losing supporters. And I agree. America voted him off, so he should have left. I don't really like the save I've been going to the tours for 7 years now, since season 3!!! I can't wait till this years!! It should be a good one!


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