Thursday, March 10, 2011

And then there were 12…

That’s sad about Casey, it’s the second time he’s been in the hospital since he’s been on Idol.

Wow, that mansion they are staying in is huge!!!! It is definitely bigger than the one the season 1 contestants lived in! I am sooo jealous of all of them!! Why do they need huge walk in closets though? Geez!! They are definitely living the good life right now!

I loved the Michael Jackson group song! I caught on like, 3 songs in. I was like, “Hey, these are all Michael Jackson songs.”

That was the first time I heard Adam’s new song “Aftermath". I thought it was pretty good. It’s a little different from the stuff on his first album though, and I prefer his other stuff. But who knows, the song will probably grow on me. There are a lot of songs that I don’t really like too much at first but once I hear them enough times, they are my favorite songs. It isn’t a catchy song right from the get-go though, so I think it’s gonna take a while for me to start liking it. And maybe because that was a different version of it, maybe I’ll like the original version better.

Well, I got 2 out of the bottom 3 right. I said it was going to be Haley, Thia, and Karen. But instead of Thia, it was Ashthon.

I think the song “I’m Coming Home” should be the Idol going home song because the title of the song fits perfectly. But David Cook sings the goodbye song. I haven’t heard it yet though.

And…..I was wrong, Haley is safe and Ashthon is gone. I knew that she wouldn’t get the save. It’s only the first week so I knew they weren’t going to use it yet. I still can’t believe they get a save. I don’t like that part of the show. But oh well.

Well, that’s all for this week of Idol. Leave me comments and let me know what you thought!


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