Friday, July 22, 2011

Wedding Update

I don’t do many wedding updates, but maybe that’s because I don’t really have that much to update everyone on. We have decided our venue for the wedding and reception a few months ago and paid the deposit. Earlier today we met with a potential photographer to go over pricing and packages. I’m pretty sure we have the photographer narrowed down to 2 people so now we just have to meet up with the other photographer and see which one we can get the better deal from. I think the photography is the second most important thing about a wedding, right after the dress which is number one of course. So it is very important that we get the best possible deal we can.

I think there are 2 big factors in which photographer we will choose. One offers all day coverage while the other one offers either 5, 8, or 10 hours, and then it costs extra per every hour you go over. One of them gives you one photographer and the other gives you two, if you go with a certain package.

Another big factor is the price because after all, we need to make sure we can get the most for our money. But my fiancé and I have agreed, that if we are willing to splurge a little bit on our photography because it is a very important part of the wedding. 

So now we just have have to wait until next week when we hear back from the other photographer so we can set up a time to meet with her. My fiancé is thinking we will go with the guy we met earlier today, but we just have to wait and see what the other one has to offer.

Do you have any advice for us? Is it worth it spending a little extra money if it means we have an unlimited time with the photographer? Is it necessary to have two photographers for a small wedding of less than 150?


  1. I think it is necessary to have two photographers for even a small wedding. This is why: The head photographer gets the main photos that everyone wants (the kiss, the exchanging of the rings, the cake cuttings, etc) and the second photographer gets all the fun candid shots that make weddings so memorable.

    I'd also say its worth it for all day coverage. I splurged on my photographer because I think it makes everything else you spend money on more worth it because then it is well documented. You can go through your wedding day schedule and see how much coverage you think you need but in my opinion, I don't want anything not documented. I only plan on doing this one time and I want to remember every detail. If you want photos of you getting ready and then you want photos of you and your wedding party before the ceremony all the way through the send off at the end of the reception then that can take ten or twelve hours.

    That's the advice I received from other brides I talked to before booking my photographers and from our wedding planner. I hope that helps a little! xoxo

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  3. We had two photographers that were unlimited. I definitely think that it is worth it to splurge on photographers...those will be your memories for a lifetime!


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