Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Teen Mom…drama free?

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for Teen Mom!!

Maci- So she’s going to be driving 2 hours to classes everyday. I could never do that!! That’s way too long to be driving!

Catelynn- Catelynn and Tyler think it would be a good idea for everyone to go to counseling so they can try and work out their family problems. I think that’s a pretty good idea.

Farrah- I still think it’s ridiculous that Derick’s mom (that’s Sophia’s grandma) wants to see Sophia. She should have no right because she said that her son was not Sophia’s dad.

Amber- Amber and Gary broke up yet again? Wow, I would have never guessed it!! Things aren’t looking to good with Amber and CPS. But I’m not surprised about that either.

Maci- Maci says she’s gonna move back home. That would only make sense because I think it’s crazy that she drives 4 hours everyday to get to and from class. For me that wouldn’t be worth it at all.

Amber- Amber’s lawyer called her and said that their meeting was moved to the police station. This might mean she is getting arrested.

Maci- I really want to see her and Kyle stay together so I hope that he moves to Chattanooga with Maci and Bentley.

Catelynn- Wow, her mom actually said to her that giving up Carly was the best decision she ever made. Her mom has never been supportive of when it came to Carly and the adoption, but now I guess she’s finally over all of that and sees that it was the right thing for Carly.

Maci- She’s going apartment searching in Chattanooga. What I don’t understand is that the first place she looked at was $850 a month but the one she got was $1,000 a month. I guess she didn’t like the first one because it had stairs. That’s what baby gates are for! But I guess she can afford $1,000 a month because of doing the show.

Catelynn- Catelynn and her mom went to counseling which I think went well.

Farrah- Everything got dismissed with the things going on with Derick’s mom, and she won’t be seeing Sophia. I’m really happy for them! She didn’t deserve it and she just wanted it so she could have her 15 minutes of fame.

Maci- When Kyle said “I have a secret”, I totally guessed it, that he quit his job! I’m so glad he did so that he can move in with Maci and Bentley!!

Well, another episode of Teen Mom is over. And I actually am not annoyed with any of the mom’s this week. That’s a shocker. It’s usually Amber that bugs me. I’d say this is the least amount of drama we’ve ever seen from an episode of Teen Mom. Thanks for reading! Leave me comments!!


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