Thursday, July 21, 2011

SodaStream Review


A few months ago I received a unit called SodaStream. What does the SodaStream do, you might ask? It’s a machine that helps you take tap water and make your own soda! And all it takes are a few easy steps!! First you fill the carbonating bottle with cold water, push the tilt lever and screw the bottle into the machine, press the carbonating level in short presses until you hear a loud buzz, then you push the tilt level and unscrew the bottle, and pour in the sodamix flavor with the bottle tilted. Put the cap on tightly, shake gently, and enjoy your soda!
Besides saving money by not having to buy soda from the store, the SodaStream makes “healthier” soda. Now, soda by no means is healthy for you, but with the SodaStream, their more than 30 regular, diet, and caffeine-free sodamix flavors contain no high-fructose corn syrup. And the diet flavors are sweetened with Spenda, not aspartame. And look at this:
As you can see, if you are counting your calories, the SodaStream Cola definitely has less calories than Pepsi or Coca-Cola. There is also less sugar and caffeine which makes it a lot better for kids.
Another thing it is good for is the environment. It takes no batteries or electricity to use it. And there are no empty bottles or cans to recycle or throw away. So if you are looking for a way to save money and save the Earth, then look no further, the SodaStream soda maker is for you!!!
Here are the flavors I received with my maker:
   100_2088 100_2089
With MyWater, you can make your own sparkling water. Or add it to non-carbonated water for just regular flavored water.
Where to buy:
(The stores listed above are just some stores you can find SodaStream at. One near me that isn’t listed is Best Buy)

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