Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Get ready for more drama!

It’s Tuesday night at 10:00, which means it’s time for a new episode of Teen Mom!!! I’m still loving that they brought back the original girls. I remember hearing that they were filming for another season, but they hadn’t decided if there was going to be another season. But now there is!! So, it’s time for more drama!

Amber- Amber and Gary are back together again and they got a new house! I’m really hoping that things will work out with them this time. Leah was so cute when she was clapping when Amber and Gary kissed!

Catelynn- Catelynn and Tyler are also looking at a place of their own. The place they are looking at would be $950 to move in and was $400 or $450 per month, I forget which one. They would definitely need to get jobs in order to be able to afford that.

Farrah- She went for a check-up after she got her surgery done. Things went really well and now she’s just hoping to get a modeling job.

Maci- Maci doesn’t think she can stay in Nashville because she’s struggling financially, so she’s thinking of moving back to Chattanooga. Kyle suggests that they move in together.

Catelynn- So, I think that Catelynn and Tyler’s mom’s have switched. Catelynn’s mom is being supportive of her now, but Tyler’s mom thinks it’s a bad idea for him to move in with Catelynn.

Amber- Surprise, surprise…they are fighting yet again!! They are on their way to spend the weekend at some water park retreat and Amber says she is done with him. They get there and Amber goes to the front desk saying she needs a plane to get back home. Wow!!! I hoped that things would work out with them but I should have known they wouldn’t.

Maci- She told her mom that Kyle is moving in with her and she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. I’m on Maci’s side, she knows what is best for her and Bentley. And her mom just needs to let her make her own decision and learn from her mistakes.

Catelynn- Tyler is stressing out about finding a place more than Catelynn. I think the place they found is really nice!!! It’s the same price as me and my fiancé's place, but theirs is so much bigger!!! The kitchen is 3 times the size of ours!!! And the bathroom, I’d say that’s about 3 times the size, too!!

Amber- It looks like Amber and Gary are kind of getting along for now. I agree with Amber’s brother, they need to go to anger management. Also, he said that they are too much alike, they both like to talk too much. Amber is 100% right, there is no question about it that they wouldn’t be together if they didn’t have Leah.

Farrah- Go figure, she gets a modeling job and it’s just modeling hair, so her new boobs aren’t even being looked at that much.

Maci- Ryan is mad that Kyle is moving in with Maci and is saying that if it happens, she won’t be living with Bentley. It isn’t his decision to make so he needs to butt out.

Catelynn- Catelynn and Tyler moved into their new place and were so excited about it!! And I know how they felt, that first nice in your own place is so great!!!

Next week looks pretty good, just like tonight’s episode. Tyler’s dad gets out of jail and maybe goes back, I’m not sure. Child protective services was looking for Gary, so I’m pretty sure Leah is going to get taken away. Maci thinks that Kyle and Ryan should meet but he doesn’t think they need to.

Now I’m going to watch the 16 & Pregnant special on adoption. I loved the recap they had about Catelynn and Ashley and what they went through. It makes me think about how things would be completely different for both of them if they hadn’t chosen adoption.

Have a great rest of your night everyone!!!


  1. I can't believe I support a show like this by watching it, but I can't turn away! I missed last nights episode so I have to catch up :)

  2. I think Catelynn and Tyler will be in for a big surprise, especially because they seemed so astonished that they'd need jobs.

  3. Ryan is Bentleys father. He definitely has a say in who his child lives with and I'd be just as concerned.


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