Thursday, July 14, 2011

CVS and Weis Shopping Trip (7/14)

Today my step-mom went grocery shopping with me! I wanted her to go along to help me pick out meat. Usually my fiancé is with me so he kind of knows what the good deals are for meat but I have no idea when it comes to that. So I needed her to help me figure out if I was getting the most out of my money.

First up we went to CVS. I don’t have any pictures from this shopping trip because when we got it all back to my house I just put it away right away. At CVS I bought: 6 boxes of cereal, 2 bags of Chex mix, a 12 pack of toilet paper, 3 dish liquid soaps, and 8 cans of tuna. I noticed at the register a “Green bag tag”.


You get a $1 Extra Buck every 4th time you use it. Just attach it to any reusable bag and make sure when you shop at CVS that you have that bag with you. I didn’t have any of those bags, so I figured I would just look at Weis and see if I could pick some up there. I figured that my fiancé and I would benefit from this because of how often we’ve been going to CVS and it’s good to start using the reusable bags.

Total spent: $27.85
Total saved: $35.69

So at CVS, I did pretty good. Without the savings, I would have spent $63.54. So yeah, I’d say I did a little more than pretty good.

Next up was Weis. Now I knew this bill was probably going to be a little bit expensive because we need meat. But that will last us a while, so it’s only an “every now and then” purchase. I bought: a pack of 4 bagels, milk, eggs, yogurt, 5 boxes of pasta, 6 boxes of tissues, 2 packs of tortillas, 3 packs of pudding, and of course, some meat.

Total spent: $72.03
Total saved: $17.91

So overall, I did good. I spent $99.88 altogether. And you know what? Next week we are definitely skipping the grocery store unless I can get really, really, really good deals. We could survive without going to the grocery store for a little while now. Well, we would need the main staples: eggs, milk, and bread. But other than those 3 things, we have a ton of food in the house! Thanks for reading!!!


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