Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I’m glad that’s over with

I just got done taking an exam that my life depends on!! It was for my assessment class which is a class that I need to take and pass before I go into block in the fall. So…if I would fail the class, which would be a C- or less, then I would have to take it in the summer. The only problem is, as of right now there are only 14 spots left in the class offered in the summer. So if I can’t take it in the summer, I can’t take my first professional block in the fall. And if I can’t take that in the fall I can’t take my second professional block next Spring. And if I can’t take that next Spring, I can’t student teach in Fall 2012. And if I can’t student teach in Fall 2012, I can’t graduate in December 2012. December 2012 is the deadline for when every student under the old program for teaching certificates has to graduate by. So if I can’t graduate in December 2012, I’m going to have to take a bunch of new classes to get certified on the new program. And then I would have to spend a lot more money. So…you can see that there would be a domino effect happening there and it would be all because I failed one single class.
Here is how I feel…

But I’m going to try and stay positive about it. I’m going to pass the class. I am. I just know it. (ok, no I don’t know)

So anyway…there’s nothing else I can do for my grade in that class so now it’s just time to play the waiting game. Have a great night everyone!!!

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